Aliens: Dark Descent reveals a new pre-order trailer on Alien Day


Aliens: Dark OriginAn upcoming isometric action strategy game from the developer Tindalos Interactive and publisher, Focus Entertainment, have released a new pre-order trailer. Includes new gameplay and cutscenes, just in time for Alien Day. Celebrated on April 26, the iconic abandoned alien ship on LV-426 was originally found alien.

Aliens: Dark Origin It is scheduled to be released on June 20, 2023. It will be available on PC and current or recent PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Still no word on a Nintendo Switch port. You can watch the full pre-order trailer on Focus Entertainment’s YouTube channel:

Aliens: Dark Origin It will be divisive conceptually, because the iso real-time strategy gameplay is very different from other games inspired by the classic IP. He probably won’t be able to muster the fierce rhythm of the Aliens: Fireteam Elitenor overwhelming horror Alien: Solitude.

However, squad-based combat, upgrade mechanics, classes and abilities, and permanent death are certainly appropriate. Players who are already fans of the genre should be very happy and skeptical alien Fans may be won if the gameplay is intense and interesting enough.

The cinematics in the pre-order trailer are certainly great, and they display some narrative gravitas. Ideally, the original story would make the most of the opportunity to expand rather than rely on nostalgia alone.

There will be a new breed of xenomorph, which is always great, though disappointing at times. The flexibility of her nature has led to some very strange results, but it’s always fun to see how different creators interpret and evolve their behavior.

It is to our credit that the developers have planned a mandatory celebration of Alien Day, we hope Aliens: Dark Origin It will introduce a new wave of casual players to the classic movie.

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