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It’s time for another refresh! Another week has come and gone, which means it’s time to welcome another Adopt Me! update. On May 11, 2023, Adopt Me! released its Sky Castle Refresh update, which saw the addition of two new pets and a huge, much-needed refresh to the Sky Castle. For a quick look at all the changes added with this update, continue reading the brief guide below.

Adopt Me! Sky Castle Refresh Update Log

The list below details both pets added with the Sky Castle Refresh update and how they can be obtained. It’s unknown how long these pets will be available in game, so be sure to purchase them sooner rather than later if you’re interested! Continue reading past this list for more info on the rest of the update.

  • Grinmoire
    • Rarity:
    • Obtained by:
      • Purchased within the Sky Castle for 2,500 Bucks
Image via Adopt Me!
  • Cuddly Candle
    • Rarity:
    • Obtained by:
      • Purchased within the Sky Castle for 500 Robux
Image via Adopt Me!

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In addition to these new pets, new accessories were also added to the experience thanks to a refresh of the Wing Chests. A list of these new accessories and where they can pulled from can be found below.

  • Standard Wing Chest (600 Bucks)
    • Paper Wings
    • Gull Wings
    • Balloon Wings
    • Flying Fish Wings
    • Owl Wings
    • Macaw Wings
  • Regal Wing Chest (150 Robux)
    • Watery Wings
    • Flower Wings
    • Fairy Wings
    • Cloud Wings
    • Clockwork Wings
    • Ember Wings


That’s it for our guide on everything added with the Sky Castle Refresh update! Have you picked up either of the new pets yet? Or experimented with any of the new wings? Let me know in the comments below!

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