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Tracking down Radtoads is a lot more simple than looking for the elusive Blue Devil locations. However, these giant, warty toads are a lot more frightening than any normal toad due to their size and their aggressive behavior. Still, you may want to track them down for a few different reasons, for challenges, some materials, or perhaps to tame them. I’d much rather have one fighting by my side instead of whacking me with its long slimy tongue. Here’s where you can find them and all their potential drops!

Where to find Radtoads in Fallout 76

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These large mutated toads come in several different variants and are found in different spots around the map. In a few spots, they will only appear while the event is taking place, while in others, they can always spawn there. If you have trouble finding them, hop into a new server or attempt to start an event where they are active. Here is the list of places you can find them, matching the map shown above:

  • The Sludge Hole
  • Beckwith Farm
  • Grafton
  • Landview Lighthouse (During The Path of Enlightenment event)
  • Helvetia (During Fasnacht Day event)
  • The Giant Teapot (During Tea Time event)

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What are Radtoads used for in Fallout 76?

Radtoads don’t particularly drop anything majorly valuable once you’ve defeated them. However, since they come in multiple different mutations, you may be able to collect some more handy resources from them depending on how rare they are. Instead of killing them, you could always try to tame them to protect your base if you happen upon one during a random encounter. These beasts have long-range and close-range attacks, plus can drop eggs that work as explosive mines, so you’ll want to stay on your toes at all times. Here are some potential drops from them:

  • Radtoad Egg
  • Radtoad Leg
  • Junk (Small/Large)
  • Glowing Blood
  • Glowing Meat
  • Nuclear Waste
  • Prime Meat

No matter what reason you are hunting these toads, whether for a challenge, resources or to try your hand at taming, you won’t want to underestimate them. Despite seeming harmless in real life, these mutated monsters are far more dangerous.

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