All Rivet Town Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai Star Rail


Rivet Town may look like one of the simpler maps in Honkai: Star Rail, but when you’re a completionist, it’s a horror scene. There are too many alleyways, only a few warp points, and very dark. Plus, there are more treasure chests than the average area. This guide will help you locate them all.

Honkai Star Rail  – Where to find all Treasure Chests in Rivet Town

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Much like most locations in Star Rail, there are more chests than the “9/9” listed on the upper right corner of the map. I actually lost count of which chests counted in the 9/9, I just marked all the ones I found.

For reference:

  • Yellow means you can find them out in the open. The two treasure chests on the upper left can only be accessed after you visit the orphanage.
  • The cyan ones are either their exact location (behind a puzzle) or the location of the machine that will lead you to them.
  • Red means they’re blocked by powerful monsters.
  • Lastly, the green bolt is for the Warp Trotter that you need to defeat in Rivet Town. The Warp Trotter is the last “treasure” count in the area.

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Eight out of the nine yellow stars will count in the 9/9 treasure chests you need to find in the area. The ones blocked by monsters and machines/puzzles do not. Rivet Town also has a hidden mission that starts when you hear a weak female voice. It involves the item you pick up from defeating the Warp Trotter, so be sure to complete it too!

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