All Star Tower Defense Update Notes (September 2023) [ASTD Update]

If you’ve made a break from playing All Star Tower Defense, now is the best time to return, as the ASTD update is out! Tower defense games are my favorite Roblox experiences, so I look forward to seeing what’s new in ASTD. Here are All Star Tower Defense update notes with all improvements and fixes. If you need new ASTD codes, we have them also!

ASTD Update – New Banners, Worlds, Events, Fixes & More

  • New World 1
  • New World 2  
  • New Lobby Music

Summer Event

There’s Three teams, Soul Reapers, Quincies and Hollows. In order to join a team you need to be recruited by some one whos already on the team. [Captains are identified by their special team capes]

  • You can enter your team base in World 1; there’s a gate that will bring you there.
  • You can also become a captain by earning a certain amount of points in the event
  • Some people are born prodigies and will be able to obtain the rank of captain faster than others

By participating in the event AKA CAPE CANAVERAL RAID you get rewards every time you complete it like fireworks, keep opening the event drop for a chance to obtain a limited legendary unit.

  • To invite people you write // in chat.
  • The more points you get more your team fruit grows


  • Banner
  • Special Summons
  • Hotbar
  • Star Pass
  • Unit Upgrade UI  
  • Inventory UI
  • Inventory Unit Selected UI
  • Trading 
  • Settings
  • New confirmation screen
  • Store
  • Story Selection UI
  • Gameplay hover over unit UI 
  • New story dialogue UI
  • New prestige UI
  • Daily Reward
  • Main Upgrade UI
  • Emote Top UI

New Banner

  • Jolyne
  • Sasaki Koijiro
  • New Secret Unit 1
  • Old Secret Unit Evolution

New Capsule

  • Cell Ballin  NAUTILUS CAPSULE [+]  ONLY
  • Summer Aizen      
  • Girl Gojo
  • Girl Reigen
  • Summer Saber
  • Skins

New Stardust Banner

  • Pucci 7
  • Pucci 6
  • Pucci 5
  • Kizaru 6
  • Kizaru 5

Star pass


  • Models

ASTD New Maps List

  • Wasteland
  • Hidden Rain
  • Cape Canaveral  
  • Enies Lobby
  • JJBA Prison
  • Ichigo Inner World
  • World 1
  • World 2

Spirit Firework

  • Darkness  [LIMITED COPIES]
  • Asuma
  • Sasuke Summer
  • Buggy Summer


  • Cape Canaveral Raid (1% chance to get Weather Report [Everyone Gets]t)  In

Pucci Raid

ASTD New Content

  • New Battle Pass
  • Replaced last gem tier in shop
  • New Capsule  
  • New Firework
  • New Stardust Banner
  • New Stardust Banner 2
  • New Tower Mode Unit / RESET
  • Hakai’d the Cell Event Mission        
  • Pity AMT
  • New Prestige Unit
  • New Level 110 Pack
  • Items and Skins stack in trading
  • Raised Chair Speed and Run Speed        
  • Added Gifting Star Pass
  • New capsule effect
  • New summon effect

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AMTD Update – Fixes

  • Capsules are way cheaper now
  • Raised Star Pass Rewards
  • Disable FX for specific units
  • Merge Gauntlet and Farm are now classified as infinite modes        
  • New notification tex
  • Dungeons halted due to massive mana energy influx
  • When you clear a map, your time completion and stuff move it onto the end screen
  • Fix times for different speed
  • Storage Box
  • Infinite is now categorized into trials
  • Make upgradev2 viewport animation
  • Changed task rewards
  • Stardust Sale
  • Hakai World 3 
  • PVP Maintenance
  • HP Board in Training goes up faster now
  • Mount of the Month was universally erased
  • Fix daily tasks
  • Fix Luffy G5 hitbox
  • Fix Tutorial

New Gameplay Effects Revamped

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