All Starfield Resource Vendor Locations

Gathering resources is an essential part of Starfield, as they’re a usual requirement for obtaining weapon mods and building planetary outposts. But I still found myself not being able to find certain elements or needed them in a hurry, being too impatient to mine them. Resource vendors have proved invaluable on such occasions, as they carry some of the most sought-after elements in Starfield. In this guide, we made a list of all resource vendors in Starfield and their locations.

Where to find all resource vendors in Starfield

You can find resource vendors on almost all major hub worlds in Starfield. I have compiled a table of their stores and locations based on the planet.

Planet District Shop name
New Atlantis Spaceport District
The Well
Jemison Mercantile
Trade Authority
Mars Residential District
Central Hub
Jane’s Goods
Trade Authority
Volii Alpha Neon Core
Volii Alpha’s entrance
Newill’s Goods
Trade Authority
Akila Akila City
Near GalBank
Midtown Minerals
Trade Authority

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You can use any of the vendors listed above if you find yourself in a pinch, quickly needing some hard-to-obtain resources. Certain resources, like polymer, are impossible to obtain by mining, making them especially difficult to find other than purchasing them. Vendors like Jemison Mercantile are invaluable in that regard, as they often store other rare commodities, like digipicks, which are notoriously hard to find in Starfield.

If you’re having difficulty transporting more significant amounts of resources from a vendor to your starship due to being over-encumbered, remember that you can take one or more companions with you for additional weight-carrying capacity. I find this solution to be both effective and satisfying, especially when using companions that you’re finding annoying.

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