All Status Effects and Debuffs in Starfield, Explained


I’ve traveled across the galaxy, exploring planets for rare minerals, completing missions, and battling those pesky Crimson Fleet pirates. Throughout my time with Starfield, I’ve accumulated various injuries, status conditions, and debuffs, all of which have proven to be debilitating if left untreated. Suffering the same as me? Let’s look at how to cure all Starfield status conditions and debuffs.

How to Cure All Status Effects and Debuffs in Starfield

There are numerous medical items you can use to cure status ailments and debuffs in Starfield. You can purchase these from medical vendors, some of which have doctors on hand who can cure all status ailments at once. Having a doctor heal you is a great alternative and saves you from using a medical item. Here is how to remove all Status Conditions and debuffs in Starfield.

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Affliction Types Cure Symbol
Broken Bone Dislocated Limbs
Fractured Limbs
Fractured Skull
Torn Muscles
Immobilizer Blue
Infection Pneumonia Antibiotics
Penicillin X
Injury Brain Injury
Lung Damage
Radiation Poisoning
Snake Oil
Minor Wound Contusions
Zipper Bandages
Temperature Effects Blisters
Heal Gel
Heal Paste

How to Check Your Status in Starfield

You can check your status condition by opening the menu and then navigating to the lower right section. Click here to be taken to the Status Effects screen, where you can see a detailed list of status conditions. The ones listed above are the general categories, but there may be subsets of these conditions, such as Joint Pain being a Sprain injury.

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