ALOFT launches in early access this fall

Cozy survival game ALOFT will be released in early access for PC via Steam this fall, publisher Funcom and developer Astrolabe Interactive announced recently. A new demo is now available, adding eight-player cooperative play along with several new features.

“We are delighted to help bring ALOFT “For players, a game that brings a new angle to the open-world survival genre, such as the perfect combination of concepts and mechanics in the use of wind and ecosystems,” said Funcom editorial director Ilya Salamatov in a Press release. “Collaborating with the talented team at Astrolabe has been a truly inspiring journey and we can’t wait for players to explore their enchanting world in the sky.”

Get the latest details below.

Players can immerse themselves in the fascinating skies of ALOFT today thanks to a new demo on Steam, which features a cooperative mode for up to eight players. Multiplayer functionality is available until June 17, after which the demo will remain for solo play. Jump above the clouds to catch a glimpse of ALOFT in today’s new trailer.

ALOFT is the cooperative sandbox survival game where you fly freely through a beautiful world of floating islands, each with its own living ecosystem. Build a house and a helm, and transform any island into your own spaceship to set sail towards the ever-present hurricane in the distance.

Harness the winds to automate machinery and production, explore islands to find new technologies, and search for seeds and animals to create your own cozy farm in the clouds. In dark places you will find an increasing corruption of mushroom-like creatures. Defeat them in combat, heal the islands and restore their ecosystems.

ALOFTThe new demo significantly expands on the previous one, adding up to an 8-player co-op mode, along with several new features. Find frescoes, repositories of ancient knowledge, and discover mysterious ruins and shipwrecks to obtain new blueprints. So that you prosper in ALOFT, so should the nature around you. Heal and strengthen the ecosystem of each island to protect against the corruption of the spreading fungus.

Watch a new trailer below. See a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

New multiplayer demo trailer

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