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Even though Tarata may be further down on the Mythic tier list, he is still a great unit to collect as you’re progressing through the game. I love having at least one unit in my team that can provide continuous damage ticks to enemies, and he is great at providing that, especially if you haven’t yet collected a Stain or Daky. Here are all the details you need to know about collecting this unit and what he can deliver for your team.

How to get Tarata in Anime Adventures

Tarata can be fairly easy to find since he can be summoned through the regular banners. Head to the Summon area of the lobby and open up the Standard banner, and you’ll occasionally see him listed as the Mythical skin as it’s cycled through.

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Since he’s considered a Mythic skin, he’ll be at a 0.25% chance of opening during summons. It costs 50 Gems per summon. If he’s not currently listed as the Mythic skin here, you can check the timer above to see when it will refresh.

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All Tarata Stats in Anime Adventures

Despite not being one of the strongest Mythics in the game, Tarata still has some unique abilities that a lot of other units don’t have. His fire ticks can leave enemies vulnerable to further attacks or finish them off if they are already low health. Although he might be more expensive for a newer player, he is still probably one of the better units you can get starting out. Take a look at his list of base stats below:

  • Deployment Cost: 1,300 Yen
  • Total Cost: 46,450 Yen
  • Upgrade Levels: 8
  • Spawn Cap: 4
  • Tower Type: Ground
  • Damage Type: Magic
  • Secondary Damage Type: Fire
  • Attack Stats:
    • Attack Type: AoE (Cone) Angle: 45
    • Damage: 60 – 900
    • Attack Rate: 4 – 6
    • Range: 8 – 27

Like most units, Tarata grows in damage and range as he’s upgraded. However, he does become just a little bit slower as well. He reaches his full potential when he is evolved to his other state.

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How to Evolve Tarata in Anime Adventures

To evolve Tarata, you’ll need some special evolve items. These items are a bit different than other evolutions, and that is because you’ll need to get one of them through a different method. For Tarata, you’ll need: 2 Scales of the Salamander and 20 Ghoul Coffees.

The Scales of the Salamander can be bought from the Traveling Merchant for 3,000 Gold each or crafted at Beeruh in the Evolve area of the lobby. However, you’ll need to collect the following materials to craft each:

  • Star Fruit (Rainbow) x1
  • Star Fruit (Red) x6
  • Star Fruit (Pink) x5
  • Star Fruit (Blue) x7
  • Star Fruit x12
  • Gold x3,750

The Ghoul Coffees will need to be collected in a slightly different way since you cannot craft them. You can collect some by completing Ghoul City stages, through the Gold Shop for 255 Gold each, or through Infinity stages.

Once you have those materials, head to the Evolve area past Beeruh, and you can upgrade Tarata to Tarata (Ignite). This evolved Tarata can do up to 1,100 damage plus an additional 700 damage per fire tick. His cone AoE can become a circle as well, allowing him to hit more enemies in his vicinity. If you have him, it’s definitely worth evolving him as soon as possible.

Tarata shouldn’t be underestimated. Although he may not compare to high-damaging Mythics, he is great at delivering tick damage and definitely worth collecting as you’re progressing through the experience.

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