Beast joins Belle in Disney Dreamlight Valley Enchanted Adventure update

We have so many of our favorite Disney characters with us in the Valley, but there are still plenty more exciting friends to come. Belle from Beauty and the Beast was teased all the way back from the release of the game but was announced for the upcoming September update. Now we know another big character will be joining her as well. The official titled Enchanted Adventure update will come later this month with some big surprises! Keep reading below for all the details.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Enchanted Adventure update features Belle and Beast

We have been given very few clues so far on what we can expect in the upcoming Enchanted Adventure update. We all knew we could expect to see the lovely bookworm, Belle, join the Valley, and from the looks of it, players will also be able to take a peek into her realm from the Dreamlight Castle. However, the team, via the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter, just announced she will not be alone!

With their small teaser, they announced Beast will also be included along with Belle in the update later this month. This is big news for players since it means double the quests, Friendship rewards, and two more of their favorite characters to welcome into their Valleys. We can assume Beast will be a lovable, brooding type character, not quite on par with the villains of the Valley, but less sweet and bubbly than his pair, Belle.

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Along with the two characters and their quests, from the look of the teaser, we can expect a new player home style decorated like an enchanted castle, a new parrot companion, and Halloween decor coming shortly after with the new Star Path.

We know to expect this update later in the month, but they haven’t yet announced the exact date. Stay tuned for more information as it is released, including what else we can expect to enter the Valley with the Enchanted Adventure update.

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