Finest Milky Means Cookie Toppings construct in Cookie Run Kingdom


Milky Means Cookie is Cookie Run: Kingdom’s darling conductor accountable for working the Sugarcloud Specific, the place you may bask within the World of Goals. Regardless of her fluffy hair and cute disposition, Milky Means is a courageous Epic Cost Cookie that prioritizes the Entrance place of the crew. She has no auto assault and as a substitute heals the entire crew.

Finest Toppings construct for Milky Means Cookie in CRK

Milky Means Cookie has no auto-attack capacity and as a substitute heals herself and her allies. Her Ability additionally is not offensive because it focuses on supporting the crew with a plethora of defensive buffs. Since Milky Means can self-heal, she’s finest geared up with a full Swift Chocolate construct that focuses on DMG Resist bonus stats.

Finest Treasures for Milky Means Cookie in CRK

Milky Means Cookie’s Ability is extremely helpful for survivability, so she’s finest paired with the Squishy Jelly Watch for cooldown discount. Her incapability to auto-attack signifies that she will’t do solo runs, so the opposite Treasures in your arsenal might be based mostly on what the remainder of the crew wants.

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Milky Means Cookie Ability information in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Sugarcloud Specific:

  • Milky Means Cookie jumps onto her dream prepare, gaining a DMG Discount buff and offering a Stun Resistance buff for all the crew. Then she is going to push again the enemies a number of instances, making use of a DEF Discount debuff and dealing injury.
  • As soon as she’s finished together with her shift, Milky Means Cookie will forged a Defend onto herself and the remainder of the crew. Whereas Milky Means Cookie is utilizing her ability, she is going to briefly grow to be proof against interrupting results.
  • Being a dweller of the World of Goals, Milky Means Cookie will not be inclined to the Beckoning Goals impact.

Ability specs:

  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Common Self-healing: 57.7 % of ATK
  • Locomotive Cost Periodic DMG: x12 ticks for 2 seconds, 62.1 % per tick
  • Locomotive Cost Additional DMG when goal has a Defend:
    • Single Hit DMG (in opposition to Cookies): 114.1 %
    • Single Hit DMG (in opposition to Others): 38 %
  • Locomotive Cost Single Hit DEF Discount: -3.5 % for seven seconds, bosses acquire three hits stacking as much as x25
  • DMG Resist: +40 % for 10 seconds
  • Stun Resistance: Stun period -50 % for 10 seconds
  • HP Defend:
    • Self: blocks 20 % of Max HP for 3 seconds
    • Allies: blocks 15.5 % of Max HP for 3 seconds
  • Passive: Therapeutic obtained +15 %

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