BitLife – How to Complete the Scarytale Challenge

Completing the BitLife Scarytale Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective. Start by creating a female character from Colorado, and then follow the steps below

All Objectives in the Scarytale Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Scarytale Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following main objectives:

  • Be born a female in Colorado
  • Become a Psychiatrist
  • Rent out a haunted storybook home
  • Wed the tenant of your haunted storybook home
  • Poison your spouse in your haunted storybook home

Before starting the Scarytale challenge, you must buy the Landlord Expansion Pack in BitLife, as the entire challenge revolves around the DLC. You can purchase the DLC from the in-game store for $4.99

How to be born as a female in Colorado – BitLife Guide

The first objective of the Scarytale challenge is to be born as a female in Colorado. To do this, select female as your character gender and Denver as your birth city while creating your custom character. By default, BitLife does not allow players to keep a state as a birthplace. So, you must select any cities inside those states to finish the objective. Since we need a character from Colorado, Denver is the only option in the city list. After creating such a character, the first objective will be over.

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How to Become a Psychiatrist in BitLife

The second task in the Scarytale challenge is to become a Psychiatrist. To do this, you must attend a medical school and finally join any company as a Jr. Psychiatrist. Study Well from a young age using the Study Harder option yearly and keep your Smarts stat over 90 while graduating high school. 

After high school, join a university for a major in Biology or psychology and use the same Study Harder option to maintain your Smarts stat over 90 while graduating from university. Once you have completed college, join a Medical School immediately and finish that.

Now, after Medical School, it’s time to become a Psychiatrist. Visit the Full-Time job section from the main menu and find a job titled –Jr. Psychiatrist, apply for the job and crack the interview. Once you have passed the interview, your journey as a Psychiatrist will begin.

How to Rent out a haunted storybook home in BitLife

The third quest in the current challenge is to rent out a haunted storybook home. To do this, you need to own a haunted storybook house. Visit the shopping section from the Activities section and click on the Real-Estate option. Now, choose a Real Estate agent and find a haunted storybook home from their catalog. Once you have found such a house, buy it immediately with cash or a mortgage. In case you cannot find such a listing, age up to refresh all the available properties in your agent catalog. I found a haunted storybook house nearly 13 years after beginning my search. So, be patient and keep your house hunting.

After buying the house, use the Rent option under your Property Listing to rent it to a suitable tenant. Once you have a tenant, the objective will be marked as complete.

How to wed the tenant of your haunted storybook home in BitLife

The penultimate task in the Scarytale challenge is to marry the tenant of your haunted storybook home. Firstly, while choosing a tenant, ensure they are of your liking and match your sexual orientation. If not, evict your current tenant and find a suitable one. Once you have such a tenant, improve your relationship rating by complimentinggifting, and conversing with them regularly. With time, the relationship rating will turn completely green. At this moment, ask them out and start dating them, followed by proposing to them and eventually marrying them.

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How to Poison your spouse in your haunted storybook home in BitLife

The final objective of the Scarytale challenge is to Poison your spouse in your haunted storybook home. For this, visit the Crime section from the Activities tab and choose the Murder option. Select your wife(tenant) as the target and pick Poison Them as the murder method. Hit the Murder button to kill your wife and finish the entire challenge. Remember, if you cannot find such a murder technique, just age up to refresh the listings.

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