Bulletstorm VR Adds Two New Trishka Novak Levels

VR Bullet Storm will include two new exclusive levels with space mercenary Trishka Novak as a new playable character, publisher People Can Fly and developer Incuvo announced.

Get the latest details below.

VR Bullet Storm It puts players in the battle-hardened boots of an elite badass mercenary as they battle everything from mad raiders to colossal skyscraper-sized beasts with an extended (and explosive) sci-fi arsenal.

VR Bullet Storm expands on this mayhem by introducing content not seen in the original game, including new levels featuring Trishka Novak as a newly playable badass babe looking to send her father’s killer back to hell. Trishka wields a new Energy Blades weapon that can decapitate and dismember enemies.

VR Bullet Storm It will be released for PlayStation VR2, SteamVRand Quest on January 18, 2024.

Watch a short trailer showcasing the new content below.

Trishka’s new exclusive trailer with virtual reality content

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