Can you play Redfall Split-Screen Co-op? Answered


Bethesda and Arkane have joined forces to create Redfall, an open-world first-person shooter featuring a vampire-infested town. Players can select one of four characters to play through the game, but there is also multiplayer co-op, allowing players to join forces. With co-op in the game, players may be wondering if they can play Redfall through local co-op.

Does Redfall have Local Co-op?

The answer is no—there is no local split-screen co-op in Redfall. You cannot play Redfall with friends on the same console in the same room. This may disappoint those who prefer playing co-op shooters surrounded by their party. Unfortunately, you will have to stick to online co-op when playing Redfall.

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Does Redfall have Online Multiplayer?

While Redfall does not have split-screen co-op, it does have online multiplayer. Players can group with friends or find strangers and play with up to four players. This allows players to each play one of the four heroes and have access to all abilities in the game. Some players are having issues with the online multiplayer, so be prepared for some possible troubles getting a game together.

How to play Redfall Co-op

You can group up with other players from the main screen and play online. This allows you to invite or join your friends or find random players to fill out a party. However, Redfall only saves progression for the host, which may make it hard to find other players if you are hosting because other players may be doing the same rather than looking for a game. Playing with friends allows you to discuss who hosts and take turns.

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