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CAROLINE DUBOIS believes at least one of the lightweight world titles still held by Katie Taylor should become vacant.

Dubois is only 22 years old, but she has moved herself up the world lightweight rankings.

Taylor, who lost her last bout to Chantelle Cameron at super lightweight, is the holder of all four major 135-pound titles. But she will rematch Cameron at 140 pounds in November.

This means that none of her lightweight belts have been contested in nearly a year. Dubois, keen to get his own chance, believes it is time for the 135lb championship to become active again.

“Depending on how this fight turns out, then [Taylor] She was hurt, if she was hurt, she would be [dormant] Maybe for another six months. “I feel like she carries them and supports other girls who are chasing their dreams and chasing what they want,” DuBois said. Sky Sports.

“I feel like I have some big fights to fight and I just want to get in there and keep going.”

She believes Taylor should start vacating titles, or the sanctioning bodies should take action.

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Caroline Dubois says she wasn’t impressed with Michaela Mayer when she faced her as an amateur sparring artist

“Absolutely. I think he should be stripped of a belt or two. We’ve seen Josh Taylor get stripped of his belts, we’ve seen other fighters get stripped of their belts just because they’re not fighting for them, they’re not defending them and they’re standing up.” [their division]“Dubois said.

“I feel like we should have the right to be able to fight for them. Katie Taylor, she’s been the queen of the division for a long time, and I imagine they’ll do what they can to accommodate her but there are other girls coming in yet.” They just have to be considerate of us and what we want as well.”

On September 30, Dubois will face Magali Rodriguez at York Hall, live Sky Sports. It’s a fight that will have the IBO lightweight belt on the line but will also help push the winner toward a shot at one of the main belts.

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Caroline DuBois admitted she suffered from the heat at York Hall

“[Rodriguez] “She’s got a good pedigree, she’s got experience and she’s been in the 10 Tour a good few times,” Dubois said. “I fought Estelle Mosley, knocked her down and got to a draw with the Olympic gold medalist.

“she [Rodriguez] She’s got the pedigree and she’s got the experience which is very important and it’s very hard to find in women’s boxing because we move so fast and she has that in abundance.

“So I’m looking forward to a very good fight and I’m looking forward to the challenge of getting in the ring with her.”

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Caroline Dubois maintained her unbeaten run with a convincing win over Veresh Mashuri at Wembley

Although Dubois remains confident. “By winning this [IBO] The belt and hopefully I can keep going and get my rankings up, I’m going to put the pressure on [Katie Taylor] and other organizations to evacuate them [her titles] “I hope I can have a crack at one of those,” she said.

American standout Michaela Mayer was in Dubois’ goal. But now she is gaining weight.

“I think Michaela and I were going to have a big financial fight, but her career wasn’t going to be defined by me, and my career wasn’t going to be defined by her,” DuBois said.

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Caroline Dubois comes out firing from the blocks in the first round as she stopped Sofia Rodriguez after just 60 seconds

Although there are other attractive targets for the Briton. She wants her next competition after Rodriguez to be a world championship final eliminator. Dubois is also looking to beat Ilham Makhled, who fought Alicia Baumgardner for the undisputed super featherweight title and has now moved up to lightweight.

“I think this is going to be a really good fight, a really good challenge because she’s fought Baumgardner, she’s fought Delphine Persson, she’s challenged world champions and she’s at that level,” Dubois said.

“That’s what I want, those kind of fights, real tough fights. Karen Carabajal, who also fought Katie Taylor, gave her 10 good rounds, a good account of herself. These kind of fights where she’s tough and tough makes sense to me and excites me.”

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Caroline Dubois picks up another knockout goal, stopping the powerful Milena Koleva

Change tournament distance?

Women’s title fights are usually 10, two-minute rounds. Amanda Serrano recently announced that her upcoming contest will be held, like the men’s title fights, over 12 three-minute rounds.

DuBois praised Serrano for this development.

“It breaks down all those barriers,” DuBois said. “It’s good for her, it’s good for what she does and I love to see that movement.

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Watch Caroline Dubois get a TKO in the third round against Happy Daudi

“12 three-minute rounds, that’s groundbreaking.”

“I think 12 three-minute rounds would be good for me because I have the ability to break someone down and I also have the skill to manage the rounds,” she noted.

“I think I’m someone who knows how to pace myself when I’m fighting. I fight in a way that I can control what’s happening.”

Dubois has a long career stretching out ahead of her, and she expects, one day, to conquer the triple-12 distance.

“Maybe,” she said. “I’ll probably be called on it and I’ll probably accept the challenge.”

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