Claire Obscur: Expedition 33 is a slick fantasy RPG coming next year.

Claire Obscur: Expedition 33 was one of the brand new reveals during today’s Xbox Game Showcase. Developed by Sandfall Interactive (its debut title), the turn-based RPG unfolds in a fantastical world ruled by a powerful figure who destroys countless innocents every year through a mysterious number.

Claire Absker’s world is at the mercy of the Paintress, who awakens once a year to paint a cursed number on the monolith. That number would make every person of that age instantly disappear in a puff of smoke. Citizens dealing with this recurring threat know her next number is “33” and a brave collection of them have one day to mount an expedition to her island to stop her once and for all. However, these “expeditioners” were just the latest in dozens of failed attempts to kill the paintress. Thus, the team retraces the steps of every team that came before them as they explore a dreamlike world full of dangerous threats.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 5 and sports slick-looking turn-based action. Claire Obscur: Expedition 33 is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S (including a Day One launch on Game Pass) and PC in 2025.

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