Company Of Heroes 3 console version is now available for pre-order

entertainment remains And segareal time strategy game, Company of Heroes 3It will finally be available on consoles next month. Sega has also started taking pre-orders for the Company of Heroes 3Today’s standard and premium console releases.

Company of Heroes 3 It was first released on PC via Steam in February 2023. It was originally scheduled to be released on Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 on May 30thwith standard And Premium edition for consoles, similar to the PC version. Recently, Sega revealed this Company of Heroes 3 Available now for pre-order Playstation Store And Xbox Store.

the Premium edition to Company of Heroes 3 It comes with the Premium DLC pack, which includes premium cosmetics for US Headquarters (Legendary)And Victory Point (Legendary)And US M4 Sherman (Legendary)as well The first DLC expansion pack launches in 2024. Those who pre-order the Premium Edition will also get launch-exclusive cosmetics, such as Devil Brigade DLC PackIs characterized by legendary skins for US guns, M18 Hellcat, M8 Greyhound, and Scout Squadas well as a Limits legendary pioneer profile and job title.

In this third installment of The company of heroes In the series, players will take on the role of the Allied forces as they invade Italy and the Axis forces in the North African Campaign. Company of Heroes 3 It boasts new features in the series such as Tactical stop systemwhich allows the player to pause the battle and a list of commands to be executed when the game resumes.

Unfortunately, since its launch on PC, Company of Heroes 3 It was met with mixed reviews, with some complaining about encountering game-breaking bugs and others deeming it an incomplete game. However, Sega has been providing consistent support for the game, and just last week, Company of Heroes 3 Received the latest update 1.1.4.

Although it cannot be guaranteed, it is hoped that Company of Heroes 3 The console version will provide a smoother experience and has already resolved some issues that were identified when it was published on PC.

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