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Crab Champions is a rogue-like crab shooter where you play as a crab with severe contempt for other crabs, ants, and giant floating skulls. As ridiculous as that may sound, it is a blast of an experience with fluid movement systems, tons of weapons, and an incredible soundtrack list to boot. While your chances of getting the right perks on every run isn’t guaranteed, you do get to select your weapon of choice before you venture out on each of your crab-killing sprees. Of course, not every weapon is made equal. Therefore, we’ve made a ranked list of all the weapons in Crab Champions for your perusal.

Weapons Tier List for Crab Champions

Tier Weapon
S Minigun, Blade Launcher, Orb Launcher
A Crossbow, Sniper, Auto Shotgun
B Dual Shotguns, Dual Pistols, Auto Rifle
C Burst Pistol, Cluster Launcher
D Rocket Launcher

All Weapons in Crab Champions, ranked

Weapons in Crab Champions are obtained by collecting Keys that you will earn from defeating bosses at the end of each biome. You will need three keys to unlock a random weapon from the Key Totem in the Hub Island. Furthermore, you can only unlock a new weapon once per run. With that said, the following are the best weapons in Crab Champions, ranked.

S Tier


The Minigun is possibly the best gun in the game thanks to its massive magazine size which ensures you can mow down hordes of enemies without needing to halt fire for a reload. It gains significant benefits from perks that increase damage and critical chance, as well as weapon mods that add bonus projectiles and elemental damage.

Blade Launcher

The Blade Launcher rapidly shoots disc-shaped blades at targets. The projectiles from this weapon pierce through enemies, and the weapon has a decent fire rate. If you can find a spot on the map where enemies only spawn and attack you from one direction, the Blade Launcher will ensure you cheese through levels with ease.

Orb Launcher

The Orb Launcher is as controversial as they come. It held a reputation for being one of the worst weapons in the game, but is now an absolute beast after receiving hefty buffs in recent updates. The slow projectile speed of this weapon is its only drawback. Pair it up with perks for increased fire rate and projectile speed, and mods to add bonus projectile and elemental effects for the best setup. The slow projectile speed of this weapon is its only drawback.

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A Tier


The Crossbow fires seven arrow-like projectiles that spread out in a cone shape. It deals great damage, and can even fire automatically. However, due to its spread effect, it struggles to deal solid damage to singular targets and bosses. But, it greatly excels at deleting enemies in a wide range in front of you.


The Sniper works exactly as it sounds. Long-range, heavy damage, and slow fire rate are its base attributes. It may seem like a bad weapon choice at first, but it scales beautifully with perks and mods that increase fire rate and critical chance. Due to the heavy damage projectile nature of this weapon, it is also great for taking down the tanky bosses, who you will mostly fight solo.

Auto Shotgun

The Auto Shotgun has a rapid fire rate, and decent range compared to the Dual Shotguns. As a Shotgun, it deals massive damage to singular targets. This weapon works great with increased critical chance builds, or even builds focusing on elemental damage.

B Tier

Dual Shotguns

The Dual Shotguns do heavy damage at the cost of range and fire rate. Therefore, it is best to pair it up with mods to increase projectile speed, and reduce projectile spread. It is also worth keeping in mind that you lose the ability to aim with this weapon, which subsequently denies you the slow-down effect you get with other weapons while aiming mid-air.

Dual Pistols

The Dual Pistols have decent damage, and a great fire rate. However, your build will truly determine the utility of this weapon. Like the Dual Shotguns, you lose the ability to aim with this weapon. To maximize damage output, consider equipping perks to increase fire rate, ammo efficiency, and mods to gain additional projectiles to support your default bullets.

Auto Rifle

The Auto Rifle is the first weapon you get in Crab Champions. It’s a simple automatic rifle that is great for a plethora of builds. However, if you’re looking for an automatic firing weapon to bring down massive hordes of enemies, the Minigun easily trumps over the Auto Rifle.

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C Tier

Burst Pistol

The Burst Pistol fires four bullets in rapid succession with every pull of the trigger. While it does good damage to singular targets, it’s low spread and fire rate keeps it from being great at higher levels where hordes of enemies come rushing at you. You will eventually need tons of additional projectiles and elemental damage buffs to make the most of it as you progress through levels.

Cluster Launcher

The Cluster Launcher shoots several orb-like projectiles that explode upon impact, dealing massive splash damage in an area around the target. Aimed shots narrow the spread of projectiles, while hip fire shots cause the projectiles to spread out further. It’s good for taking out groups of enemies, but not good at taking down bosses.

D Tier

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is by far the most cumbersome weapon to use. While it does have huge projectile damage, its fire rate is very low, and you will constantly need to reload the weapon. If an explosive build is what you want, it’s much more advisable to go for a grenade focused build rather than using the Rocket Launcher.

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