Dark narrative puzzle game Gloomy Eyes: The Game announced for PC

Publisher ARTE France, developer Fishing Cactus and co-producers Atlas V, 3dar and Be Revolution Gaming have announced Gloomy Eyes: The GameA dark narrative puzzle game, virtual reality animated film adaptation. gloomy eyes. It will start for PC via Steam in 2025.

“The announcement of Gloomy Eyes: The Game is a testament to ARTE’s investment in the world of independent video games,” said Adrien Larouzee, director of digital project management and director of video game editorial and co-production activities at ARTE France, in a press release. “With its striking artistic universe, its innovative and accessible gameplay and its moving story, ARTE’s publishing strategy is in full swing.”

Here’s an overview of the game, via ARTE France:


Gloomy Eyes: The Game tells the moving story of Gloomy, a mysterious zombie boy, and Nena, a young human girl, in a world where the sun has decided not to rise. The darkness has awakened the dead from their graves and the living try to drive them away. In the midst of this ongoing conflict between the dead and the living, players find themselves closely connected to this unusual couple attempting to restore light to the world despite fear, tension, and hostility.

Using Gloomy and Nena’s unique abilities, players must solve puzzles and help the heroes in their quest to make the sun rise again. They will discover a unique story about loneliness, difference and love by solving the different puzzles of this dark and poetic narrative game.

Gloomy Eyes: The Game invites players into beautifully crafted dioramas, thanks to its original art direction and graphic style. These elements inherit directly from the virtual reality experience that won the “Best Virtual Reality Film” award at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2019.

Key Features

  • The dark and fantastic artistic universe created by Fernando Maldonado and Jorge Tereso.
  • Clever puzzles that you must solve playing as Nena and Gloomy, each with their unique abilities.
  • A moving story about loneliness, difference and love.
  • A lovely soundtrack and graphics.

Watch a trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

Announce progress of progress

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