Dead by Daylight – Dungeons & Dragons and Castlevania chapters announced

Behavior Interactive has announced two of the six upcoming chapters for Dead by daylightincluding the Dungeons and Dragons Chapter on June 3 and a castlevania Chapter this summer, as well as a new “2V8 Mode”.

Get the details below.

Dead by daylight x Dungeons and Dragons

A new story is about to begin! Dead by Daylight: Dungeons and Dragons was announced as the next major chapter of the game. Iconic Dungeons and Dragons villain Vecna, known in Dead by daylight as The Lich will impose his mortal will as the new Slayer, while a Bard, Aestri Yazar is the new Survivor. The exciting new map, Forgotten Ruins, takes players to a mysterious dungeon packed with Easter eggs for fans.

Dungeons and Dragons Basic elements such as loot collecting, magic items, and dice rolling will also be included in the game, allowing players to channel their inner adventurer.

Players can try out the new Killer, Survivors, and gameplay features in the Public Test-Build, available now.

2V8 mode

In news sure to please long-time fans, the 2V8 game mode was announced for Dead by daylight offering an entirely new gaming experience that promises to revolutionize The Entity’s Realm. In this highly requested mode, two Killers will face eight Survivors on a much larger map.

To intensify the action, several tweaks have been made to the game, including replacing perks with what essentially amounts to a class system and adding cages instead of hooks. More information about the 2V8 game mode will be revealed in a future livestream in July.

castlevaniaGothic horror reaches the fog

The final surprise of the program featured a trailer for the next castlevania Chapter. Players were able to see a small glimpse of what they can expect when the long-running game franchise launches to sink its teeth into Dead by daylight later this year.

And here are more details about the Dungeons and Dragons Chapter:


Welcome weary travelers. A new chapter in our history is about to begin. One full of pain and power. Fantasy and fear. One powered by the darkest magic and told in song around flickering campfires. Dungeons and Dragons has reached Dead by daylight.

Fifty years ago, Dungeons and Dragons He first inspired mere mortals to enter his world and campaign to become legends. To celebrate this milestone, the franchise is expanding its horizons with an unusual dive into horror, infusing dark fantasy into the Dead by daylight universe with a new Killer, Survivor, Map and Dungeons and Dragons-inspired game elements.

Our story takes place in the dilapidated Forgotten Ruins, where the power-hungry villain, The Lich—Vecna, will stop at nothing to achieve his dire ambitions. Aestri Yazar, a bard, has been thrown into this abandoned land. She must survive at all costs, because who else will be able to tell the story if she dies?

Will you seek to impose your mortal will or will you face the darkness and survive with your party of 4? Ambitious adventurers can start early with a limited-time public trial on Steam. Just remember: the difference between life and death is sometimes just a roll of a die.

An eternal tyrant

The whispered Lord of the Rotten Tower. The master of secrets. Few dare to pronounce his real name. Vecna’s thirst for dark knowledge led him to many strange realms, but a clue found by a servant ignited a new obsession. He spoke of an unknown land. A realm of mist, home to incredible dark energy.

Driven to harness this power, Vecna ​​spent endless nights obsessing over how he could wield it. When he finally found a way in, when The Mist arrived, excitement overwhelmed him. He had conquered and ruled countless Kingdoms before, why would this be any different?

Vecna ​​knows no fear, for he carries the Book of Vile Darkness. With it and within the Entity Realm, she can cast four spells:

  • Flying grants you flight speed for a short time, allowing you to overcome obstacles in your path.
  • Flight of the Damned conjures flying spectral entities that pass through obstacles and deal damage to all they hit.
  • Mage Hand creates a frightening, ghostly hand that completes tasks such as holding and blocking the use of paddles.
  • Dispelling Sphere creates a moving AOE sphere that reveals survivors and disables their magic items.

Bardic inspirations

What would the world be without darkness to contrast the light? What would we sing about if it weren’t for the delicate balance between good and evil? Players will be able to choose between Aestri Yazar, an elf, and Baermar Uraz, a human, to form The Troupe and guide them on their final adventure.

When evil forces began to mysteriously disappear from the land, the Bards needed to discover why. Their arduous journey took them to the Rotten Tower. Gathering courage for a chance encounter with the Arch-Lich, Vecna, they encountered a Black Mist.

Whether you choose the role of Aestri or Baermar, they come into play with three unique advantages:

  • Mirrored Illusion spawns a static copy of the Survivor in front of a Totem, Chest, Generator, or Exit Door for a limited time.
  • Bardic Inspiration inspires others through a moving performance. Roll a d20 and the other survivors gain an improvement on the skill check depending on the result of the roll.
  • When not moving, Still Sight allows you to briefly see the auras of all nearby generators, totems, and chests.

Enter the dungeon

The setting for this journey is the Forgotten Ruins, an exciting new map. It is here that Vecna ​​has established dominion over her as she investigates the mysteries of the Kingdom. Be brave, traveler, beneath the ruins of a crumbling tower lies an underground lair of terrible experiments and horrible secrets.

A roll of the dice

There are new tools available to fight this evil. When you face Vecna, there are seven chests scattered around the map. Search for their loot and obtain untold powers.

To open a Chest, the adventurer must roll a d20. If you roll a 2 or a 3, you will find a regular Dead by daylight article. However, rolling a 4 to 19 unlocks a magic item, either gauntlets or boots, which equip automatically. Each magic item gives the user an ability designed to counter one of Vecna’s spells.

Rolling a 20, a critical success, grants a powerful magic item that can be used as an advantage.

  • The Eye of Vecna ​​allows the user to disappear for a short period after exiting a locker.
  • The Hand of Vecna ​​allows the user to teleport from one locker to another.

They may be powerful, but power comes at a cost. Each time they are prompted, the user loses a health status, so he chooses his moment wisely.

As for those unlucky adventurers who roll a 1, a critical failure, they will have a nasty surprise waiting for them.

Dead by daylight is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam, epic games storeand Microsoft Store.

See a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

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