Dead Cells Clean Cut update is now available for PC with new weapons, features and more

The latest free update to Dead Cells, the popular roguelike title developed by Evil Empire and Motion Twin, has just been released for PC. Dubbed the Clean Cut, the update is about Beheaded’s favorite stylist, The Tailor, and his newfound daughter who shares a passion for hair. Players can expect new hairstylist-themed weapons, a new look for the headless protagonist, and many gameplay tweaks and changes, such as the addition of three bosses from Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania in Boss Rush Mode. The Clean Cut update will be available on consoles at a later date.

What’s more, the Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming Dead Cells board game, one to four player roguelite, is set to launch on May 16th.

In this update, players can use two new weapons: the sewing scissors and the giant comb. Sewing Scissors, a large scissors that scales with Survival, can instantly kill all enemies if only one enemy can be killed from the attack’s standard damage. The giant comb, a brutal weapon, deals massive damage to airborne enemies, launching them into the air with the first blow and enabling players to perform powerful aerial combos.

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Players can also get a new hairstyle to cut from The Tailor’s daughter, who can work with flames on the protagonist’s head, turning her into a “Bobby” version for all skins.

New gameplay features include Speedrun mode, which provides an in-game timer to keep track of quick runs, and mods for Boss Rush mode, including a DIY option that lets players choose which bosses they will encounter. The three bosses from Return to Castlevania have also been added to Boss Rush, complete with enhanced versions of the mode.

The update also brings improvements to the Dead Cells Training Room, allowing players to train against specific enemies and bosses from Return to Castlevania with their weapons of choice. Additionally, several decapitation-specific mutations have been reworked, such as the combo mutation with a true combo gauge and the decapitating mutation, which no longer has a cooldown and now only activates once per biome.

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