Dead Island 2 Soundtrack – Every Song and Artist


Though Dead Island 2 was one of the most disappointing releases of this decade, the one thing that stood out from its mediocre gameplay was its excellent and engaging OST. Everything from the starting theme song — Drown, to the last track —  Lemon Swaye, are so well composed that it makes you listen to the music on a loop. On that note, if you have loved the songs in the game and do not know each track’s name or artist behind it, read the below list and share your favorite music with your friends.

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All Song Track in Dead Island 2

There are a total of 10 songs in the game. You can find the details of all the songs in the below table.

Song Name Artist
Drown Karen O & Danger Mouse
Stay Alive FFM Featuring Felix Bushe
Sad Wedding Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
And They Fall Down Saint Agnes
Drive North SWMRS
Humans Are Such Easy Prey Perturbator
Right On, Frankenstein Death From Above 1979
Lemon Swayze Kunzite

All Instrumental Music in Dead Island 2

Song Name Composer
Awoken Ross Tregenza
Hotel of the Dead Simon James
Trains, Brains & Automobiles Ross Tregenza
Crimson Sunset Luciano Rossi
Don’t Sleep Konstantinos Pope
Blood Red Carpet Nick Hill

You can listen to all the above tracks on YouTube by searching for the artist and the song name together.

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