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There are a lot of side-scrolling rogue-lite games in the wild right now due to the recent popularity of games like Hollow Knight And Hades. What makes these games so popular is that they can be tackled for long periods or in smaller runs that help you progress towards your next goal. However you play, it’s usually very fun to see how easy it is to play the previous levels with a stronger character.

With so many of these titles out there now, it’s not enough to just create a fun gameplay episode that keeps players coming back, but also a compelling world that’s a pleasure to be in. death or treatmentIn the game, players take on the role of a wandering candy sales ghost named Scary as he stops in Hallowtown. It’s an interesting concept that he himself admits is an inspiration The nightmare before christmasworld.

While on the surface it looks like a typical 2D side-scrolling rogue-lite, admittedly there are some shiny features under the hood. On the one hand, these interesting and fun mechanics come at the expense of smoke and warning lights that flash very early in the game.

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The premise is really nice, basically it is Hollow Knight Jack Skellington’s world meets everything in it death or treatment Being Halloween theme. It’s a fun style choice that represents the best holiday of the year, and is sure to engage with players looking to celebrate the bad times in the middle of spring.

It delivers on that promise in terms of characters, as the shopkeepers and other NPCs are all based on famous characters, but in costume. For example, Joe Biden becomes a vampire named “Joe Bite Them,” an inventive turtleneck-wearing pumpkin guy called “Jobs,” and a two-legged pumpkin named “Pumpkin Gates” who runs a company called Necrosoft out of his garage.

The base town is quite small, with five different stores that players can use, but they must be unlocked by investing resources. Fortunately, they are very easy to unlock except for the general store, which becomes available once you pass the first boss. Strict dips of some subjects from some bosses made this a general headache and kept me from progressing for more than five hours.

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Because I couldn’t make other improvements to my equipment, due to the fact that I needed the materials for the first boss, I just had to hope that I could figure out his moveset and have enough health. Having to pass previous levels isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but it can drain your health before you even get a chance to fight the boss.

This is also a problem when you only need one material from them and you haven’t unlocked the general store, or you don’t have enough resources to craft them. You will have to face all the fighters again without any guarantee that defeating them again will give you the necessary resources. While it expands the gameplay, there is no other real incentive to grind like this except for crafting unsecured ingredients.

It’s not a treadmill that most people will enjoy

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Unfortunately, there are other issues too, as the world generally feels somewhat muted in terms of colors and themes. Although there are occasional neon signs, most of the background is pretty muted and I don’t remember anything but the occasional trademark joke that stood out to me. That seems like a lot of the points this game focuses on, though, admittedly creating meme-y jokes that are sometimes good for a chuckle.

The combat itself is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, there are 16 weapons to unlock, with two different attacks available for each. Getting better weapons is largely the source of your power up, but the same issues with crafting materials apply, stretching gameplay by another hour or two. At a minimum, because you’ll need to keep doing your runs.

One of the highlights in combat are the enemies, with their animations and designs reminiscent of the ones I grew up with in the early 2000s. Since I had to do 100’s during the early levels, I’ve become more familiar with these characters and their animations. The same can be said for other specific examples, such as Frank Smith in Hallotown. There are some annoying things though, like the Scary dog ​​that barks incessantly every 10 seconds you’re in town, which you’ll never get used to.

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Total, death or treatment It feels a bit rushed and you might miss some of the planned features seen in other games of this type. One example is the fact that each level leads to the next in a linear path, but there are multiple floors above or below that entrance. These are not paths and they prevent the player from walking any further. It makes me wonder if these were once branching paths, as is common in the light side rogue genre.

Add that to the countless errors I encountered, including the lack of text from certain prompts, making it impossible to select them on purpose. Enemies will sometimes get stuck in their patrol pattern, unable to notice I’m standing right in front of them. While the game does attempt some interesting things, I was often too distracted by issues to focus much on what I liked.

I hope it will be fixed by Halloween

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The last word

In a world full of two-dimensional rogues vying for our attention, death or treatment Unable to face the competition. There seem to be countless visual and technical glitches that prevent this game from reaching its full potential, but that seems to be only half of what it could be. It’s not a bad game, but players will likely have to wait for it to be fixed and get a discount before they decide to buy.


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