Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition launches May 26 for PlayStation and Xbox


The ultimate version of the dice-based city building video game, Dice legacyis set to release on PlayStation and Xbox consoles later this month.

Developed by destinationAnd Dice legacy It features a roguelike experience set in the vast and mysterious Ringworld. Players will take on the role of one of seven unlockable rulers and lead their realm to prosperity or ruin by rolling the dice. The path to prosperity is fraught with challenges, making strategic decision making important for survival. Strategy development will involve recruiting subjects, delving into new technologies and carefully managing resources.

Dice legacy It was initially released in September 2021 for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. Since then, the game It has received several updates as well as downloadable content.

DESTINYbit recently announced that Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition It is set to launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. on May 26th. Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition Includes all content and scenarios from the original Dice legacy The three major release and updates: Memories and crafting of a world and a storm to comeas well Corrupt fates expansion pack.

in Dice legacyIn this game, players can choose from three main game modes: Escape from Destiny, Forge a Realm, and Fall. the Escape from fate The game mode involves building settlements, exploring the Ringworld, facing opponents known as “Others”, and breaking the chains of fate. establish a world The mode focuses on economic management, and players are required to fulfill the demands of their people to prevent the danger of their overthrow. finally, Dropp off The mode was created as part of the Fates Fates expansion pack and introduces new gameplay in Dice Legacy where society is corrupt and weak, forcing players to build galleons and escape from a deserted land.

You can add Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition for you Xbox Store And Playstation Store Wishlist now to be notified when it becomes available.


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