Does Honkai Star Rail support cross-progression?

Honkai Star Rail is a game I’d want to play all the time, but I can’t carry my PC with me wherever (I’ve tried). I need a better option than that, and one is playing on mobile while out and on PC at home. But I don’t like having two separate accounts (mobile and PC), as Honkai Star Rail is a massive game that requires many hours to complete. Having one account on multiple platforms would be the ideal solution. So, does Honkai Star Rail support cross-progression?

Does Honkai Star Rail have cross-progression?

Honkai Star Rail has cross-progression support meaning you can play the game on mobile (iOS and Android), PC, and PlayStation with the same account. The main distinction between platforms is game controls. You’ll use a touch screen on a mobile device, while on a PC you can play with either a mouse/keyboard or controller.

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You can seamlessly switch between PC and mobile versions and continue where you left off. All your progress in Honkai Star Rail will be saved on the same account, along with all items and resources. To use the cross-progression option, you must log in with the same account on all platforms you plan to use.

So how does it look in practice? Imagine playing the game on your PC or PlayStation, but you have to leave the house, or you want to play from the bed. All you have to do to continue playing is to exit the game and launch it on your phone or tablet. The game will be saved automatically, so you can switch whenever possible! You can even use the auto-battle option to make gaming more accessible.

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