#DRIVE Rally launches in early access for PC this fall

#Rally DRIVING will be released in early access for PC and Mac via Steam, epic games storeand GOGO this fall, followed by a full release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC in 2025, developer Pixel Perfect Dude Announced.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Pixel Perfect Dude:


#Rally DRIVING It is not just a trip to the past; is an arcade-inspired rally driving experience set in the golden era of racing in the ’90s. From the lush, evergreen forests of Holzberg in Germany to the winding, arid roads of the American Southwest, #Rally DRIVING offers a variety of iconic tracks and legendary rally cars that players can tune and customize. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, the game ensures that every race is challenging and rewarding. Plus, your co-pilots aren’t just there for the ride – they add personality to the ride with their unique brand of humor and detailed driving instructions!

Key Features

  • #DRIVE All over the world – From the sunny landscapes of Dry Crumbs, through the whispering forests of Holzberg, to the cold wilderness of Revontuli, each track offers unique characteristics and asks drivers to go to the end.
  • legendary cars – Get behind the wheel of legendary rally cars, including Das Holzwagen, The Doggo, The Bobond and many more from the studio’s previous title, #DRIVE. New from the 90s era are Das Sandsturm and Celestia, just for starters!
  • Passionate co-pilots – For better or worse, your co-pilot will be with you until the end! They are there to help and give some humorous comments, they are your trusted navigator and your worst critic.
  • #DRIVE Design – It’s your road and the highway, darling! From tires to exhaust pipe, build your car to your liking. Add your special touches with paint, decals and decorations. Take a photo in Photo Mode – it will last longer.
  • #DRIVE like it’s 1999 – Full of 90s Easter eggs and references in a lovely homage to the thunderous days of rally racing circa 90s, this game feels like a finely tuned arcade experience, with no coins required.

Watch a new trailer below.

Early Access Launch Window Trailer

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