I love getting into a great puzzle escape room-style game over at Crazy Games. The guys at Addicting Games make incredibly satisfying ones with their Escape series, with Escape the Bathroom being the fourth in the series. Don’t expect a deep plot of fancy graphics but look forward to some top-notch point-and-click puzzling. And best of all, it’s a free escape room. While the puzzles are mostly logical, I did get pretty stuck in a few situations. So, if you’re in the same boat and want to get it done, follow this Escape the Bathroom walkthrough.

How to beat Escape the Bathroom – Full Walkthrough with Hints & Answers

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To briefly cover some basic hints, it’s easiest to think of yourself standing in the dead center of the bathroom, which means you can click the sides of the screen (the pointer will change to an arrow) to change the direction you’re facing to look at each of the four walls, as well as up to look at the ceiling.

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There are no mouseover hints, so be sure to click anything and everything (I lost count of the times I kicked myself for missing something obvious). Plus, don’t forget some items interact with each other and some you’ll zoom in on, meaning some details won’t be apparent until you get into a close-up.

We have hidden the solutions to this walkthrough to save yourself from accidently reading too far ahead and getting a spoiler.

Is there something I could pick up? If so, where would I usually use it?

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Pick up the Plunger next to the toilet, then click the toilet bowl for a (not pretty) close-up. Click the Plunger in your inventory (bottom of the screen), then use it in the toilet bowl. After a cutscene, it will break, but you’ll now have a Plunger Head and a Wood Stick.

Is there a hole somewhere here that I could cover up with the Plunger Head?

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Click the top section (cistern) of the toilet to get a close-up and use the Plunger Head on the hole in the center, which will connect it to the chain there and cover the flush hole.

How might I get to something on the ceiling that is out of reach?

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If you look up, you’ll see the top-left ceiling panel is askew, but if you click it, it says it is out of reach. Select the Wood Stick in your inventory and use it repeatedly on the panel. You’ll see something underneath. Keep using the stick on the panel, and eventually, a Hair Dryer will pop down. This took me a while, as I did it once and nothing much happened, so I gave up! Put the stick back in your inventory, then take the Hair Dryer

Is there a part of the floor in any of the scenes that don’t look quite right?

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If you turn right from the toilet to face the door, you’ll notice one of the floor tiles doesn’t match the usual pattern. Click it to reveal a secret compartment, from which you can take a Wrench.

Where might I be able to use a Wrench?

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There’s a small yellow valve at the end of a brass pipe coming from the bottom right of the toilet. Click it for a close-up, then use the Wrench on the valve and move it to the ON position.

What might now be fixed?

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If you click the toilet cistern again now, you’ll see the tank has filled with water. Click the toilet handle on the left in this close-up to flush the toilet. If you now look in the toilet bowl (where you used the Plunger), you’ll find a Key that was stuck in the cistern is there, and you can pick it up.

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Where could I use a key?

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Click the bathroom cabinet to the right of the toilet above the sink for a close-up (with the broken mirror), then select the key in your inventory and click the padlock to unlock it. Then click the round yellow handle on the cabinet door to open it. Take the four items from inside (Razor, Toothbrush, Floss, and Pill Bottle).

Where else might I find items that I may be missing?

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Have you remembered to look in the cabinet under the sink? Inside you can pick up Baking Soda and a Baking Soda Label. If you’re looking for a reflective item, get a close-up of the mirror above the sink and use the Wrench to smash it, then take the resulting Mirror Shard.

How can I fix the corroded terminals on the battery?

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Click the sink for a close-up, then click the small circular button at the back of the central part of the taps to seal the sink with the plug. Use the red tap to fill the sink with hot water, then add the Baking Soda. Use the Toothbrush in the sink to get a Toothbrush with Baking Soda. You can now use the Toothbrush to clean the corroded terminals on the battery. There is now a bit of water on top of the battery so use the Hair Dryer from your inventory to dry it, and finally click the wire and yellow connectors to attach them to the battery. If you don’t have any of the items you need for this process, perhaps you need to find them using the hints above.

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How do I get the code for the panel next to the bath?

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Get a close-up of the grey paint on the wall above the battery, then use the Razor (by selecting it in your inventory, and then hold the left mouse button and move it across the grey area) to reveal the first part. While still in this close-up, select the Mirror Shard from your inventory and click the bit of wall to the right of the partially revealed code. This reflects the numbers on the wall above the toilet, giving you the complete code 45801. Now you can click the panel next to the bath, enter the code, and press the green ENTER button to open the panel.

How do I fix the tap in the bath?

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Have you opened the panel next to the bath, which is locked with a code? If not, see the hint above. If you have, simply use the Wrench on the yellow valve behind the panel to turn the bathtub water on.

How do I get past the lasers to escape?

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You need to short out the electricity in the whole room. If you’ve fixed the tap in the bath (above), click the tap above the faucet in the bath (in close-up) to fill the bath with water. Now select the Hair Dryer in your inventory and click the bathwater. This shorts the system, and down goes the laser. Congratulations! You’ve escaped the bathroom.

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