Fall Guys reveal Hello Kitty and Cutest Friend cosmetics to get a new Fame card


Fall guysthe popular party and platform game from the developer My voicejust revealed that Hello Kitty cosmetics and the Cutest Friend will be included in the new Fame Pass on May 10, 2023. Along with a variety of other outfits, this premium Hello Kitty add-on will be available from May 10 to June 13, 2023.

Fall guys Now available on PC and all major consoles. You can review Hello Kitty and the other Beans in today’s new ad at Fall guys Twitter feed:

Fall guys Boasts an impressive list of IP collaborations, recently offering everything from encanto tie in InvincibleThematic cosmetics. However, Hello Kitty is an undeniable force that is sure to outperform most previous collaborations.

Hello Kitty is also a more appropriate addition than most since Fall guys It has bright and cute art design, as well as upbeat and fun gameplay. Hello Kitty will be thrilled to see him out on his weird rides, and they’ve already gained interest from high-profile gamers as the go-to look for some very entertaining games.

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of the massive demo earlier this week, which spent a lot of time on a new creative build mode that will allow players to build their own rides with in-depth tools. However, she also introduced her new Fame Pass, which will be joined by Hello Kitty and her Cutest Friend.

The all-new Fame Pass feature should be even more accessible to players, as Fame Passes will be broken down into smaller chunks rather than having fans monetize an entire season. The opening theme is “Digital”, which explains the costumes that don’t count, the Low Poly Guy, and the Pixel Pigeon accompanying Hello Kitty.

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