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If you’re at all familiar with the early Final Fantasy titles, you’ll know that the games aren’t always crystal clear on where to go next. This can be said for Final Fantasy 2, which can stump even the most seasoned fan. Follow our Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster walkthrough, so you always know your next objective!

How to beat Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster – walkthrough guide

Unlike Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster, you don’t level up each character via EXP. Instead, all stats level up individually, which can be a little difficult to micromanage, in my experience. It takes some getting used to, especially if you’ve just come from the first Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster.

Learn Wild Rose

  • You’ll be thrown into an unwinnable boss battle upon starting the game. Lose, then speak to Hilda in the throne room.
  • Learn Wild Rose from her, then Ask her about Wild Rose.
  • Leave the hideout.

Find the town of Fynn

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  • Leave Altair by walking through the exit to the west.
  • Travel north across the stone bridge to Gatrea. Continue west across another bridge.
  • Go northeast, then enter Fynn.

Speak to the Bartender

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  • Head through the town to a brown fence. Then navigate around the wall to the southeast to Fynn Tavern.
  • Talk to the bartender here and select Ask > Wild Rose.
  • A secret door will open to your right. Enter the hidden room.
  • Interact with the man in the bed and select Ask > Wild Rose. He’ll give you Scott’s Ring.
  • Return to the hideout in Altair and give Hilda Scott’s Ring. Learn Mythril from her.
  • Speak to Minwu, who is standing to the left of Hilda, and he’ll join your party and give you the Canoe.
  • Talk to Hilda again and Learn Dreadnought, then Ask her about Dreadnought.
  • Speak to Hilda once more and Learn Airship, then Ask her about the Airship.
  • Exit Altair.

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Go to Salamand

  • Go across the stone bridge, then walk onto the water here to get into the Canoe.
  • Travel east to Paloom.
  • Speak to the pirate just inside the entrance and buy a ticket to Poft for 32 Gil.
  • Leave Paloom and interact with the ship on the dock to board it and sail to Poft.
  • Enter Poft and go to the Tavern to the west of the town. Speak to Cid here and Ask him about the Airship.
  • Talk to Cid’s Underling and select Yes and then Salamand, which costs 200 Gil.
  • Leave Poft and interact with the Airship north of the town to board it and ride to the snowy town of Salamand.
  • In the northeast, you’ll see a house with a girl in a pink dress outside. Go inside and talk to Josef. Ask him about Mythril.
  • Leave Salamand and go to Semitt Falls. Go inside.

Obtain the Mythril

  • Fight the Sergeant. He has no resistances or weaknesses, so throw everything you have at him until he’s down.
  • Once he’s beaten, you’ll receive the Mythril.
  • Use the Teleport spell you got from the chest to leave Semitt Falls, then return to Altair.

Travel to Bafsk Cave

  • Give the Mythril to Hilda, then leave the hideout. Go to the weapon shop and hand the Mythril to the old man, Tobul, to unlock Mythril equipment.
  • Return to Hilda and Ask her about the Dreadnought.
  • Go to Paloom and buy a ticket to Poft. Leave and go to Bafsk.
  • Speak to the knight in the south. Ask him about both Wild Rose and Dreadnought, then take the stairs leading down into Bafsk Cave.
  • Speak to the Dark Knight to trigger a cutscene, and then go back inside Bafsk Cave.
  • Get the Pass. Interact with the warp pad, and you’ll be teleported to the overworld.

Return to Semitt Falls and get the Snowcraft

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  • Return to Poft. Speak to Cid and Ask him about the Dreadnought and the Airship. Then Learn Sunfire and Ask about Sunfire.
  • Leave town and go to Hilda in Altair once more. Ask her about both the Dreadnought and Sunfire.
  • Go to the King’s chamber in the east of the hideout and ask the King about Sunfire. Then Learn Goddess’s Bell from him and Ask him about Goddess’s Bell.
  • Return to Hilda and Ask her about Goddess’s Bell.
  • Go back to Salamand. Talk to Josef and Ask him about the Goddess’s Bell.
  • Leave town and return to Semitt Falls. Interact with the wall to the right of the blue crystal to find a hidden doorway. Open the chest here to get the Snowcraft.

Obtain the Goddess’s Bell from Snow Cavern

  • Leave Semitt Falls and head to the Snow Cavern.
  • Interact with Borghen, who will fight you. There’s nothing special about this battle: just attack as normal and heal when needed.
  • Once he’s defeated, grab some tissues and have a good cry (seriously, this scene broke my heart), leave Snow Cavern, and return to Cid in Poft.

Find Egil’s Torch in Kashuan Keep

  • Talk to Cid’s Underling next to Cid, select Yes, and then fly to Kashuan for 400 Gil. Enter the castle to the north once you land to reach Kashuhan Keep.
  • Once inside, interact with the door in the north and use the Goddess’s Bell on it. Enter the door and speak to Gordon
  • Get Egil’s Torch. Use Teleport to leave the dungeon if you have it, then re-enter. Use Egil’s Torch on the Sunfire, then leave Kashuan Keep.

Get a Chocobo!

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  • Now it’s time for my favorite part: getting a Chocobo to ride around on! This is easy: simply head south from Kashuan Keep until you see a gap in the trees. Enter it to go inside Chocobo Forest.
  • Interact with the yellow Chocobo here, and you’ll automatically return to the overworld and be riding it. Return to Altair, then speak to Minwu in the King’s chambers at the hideout.

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Attack the Dreadnought

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  • Leave Altair and go to Fynn. Don’t enter; instead, board the Dreadnought in the southeast corner of the map.
  • Show the guard the Pass, then go north and use the ladder.
  • Use the Sunfire to blow the ship’s engine up, then leave.

Get the Ship

  • Enter Altair, then go to the King’s chambers in the hideout. Return to Gordon in the throne room and Learn Dragoons from him. Ask him about Dragoons to Learn Wyverns, then Ask him about Wyverns. Leave Altair, then go to Paloom.
  • Speak to the pink-haired sailor. Exit the town and then interact with the blue-sailed Ship to the east to board it.
  • Defeat the pirates with physical and magic attacks to get Laila to join your party and unlock the Ship.

Take the Wyvern Egg to the Life Spring in Deist Cavern

  • Sail to Castle Deist and speak to the child. Talk to his mother, then leave Castle Deist.
  • Enter Deist Cavern, then take the ladder in the southeast. You’ll see a shining item here: interact with it to get the Pendant.
  • Exit Deist Cavern and return to Castle Deist. Talk to the Wyvern and Ask it about both Dragoons and Wyverns to get the Wyvern Egg. Return to Deist Cavern.
  • Find the Chimera. It has no weaknesses or resistances, so it’s just a case of attacking until it’s down.
  • Use the Wyvern Egg on the Life Spring behind it and then leave Deist Cavern.
  • Return to Castle Deist and speak with the mother again, then leave and go to Altair. Go to the hideout and talk to Hilda in the room below the King’s chamber, where you’ll face the Lamia Queen.
  • Lamia Queen has no weaknesses or resistances so, again, it’s a battle of attrition. As usual, make sure you keep your party healed and you’ll be fine. Once she’s beaten, leave Altair and board the Ship.

Rescue Hilda and Storm Castle Fynn

  • Sail to Palamecia, then go to the desert and enter the Coliseum in the northeast.
  • You’ll battle the Behemoth. It uses a lot of heavy physical attacks, so heal often.
  • Interact with Hilda’s cell in the center of the room, then exit the Coliseum and return to Altair. Talk to the NPC in the white hat by the entrance, then go to Castle Fynn.
  • Speak to Leila, then interact with Gottos on the throne to fight him. As usual, attack with all your might, and don’t forget to heal!
  • Talk to Hilda and Learn Mysidia from her. Ask her about Mysidia, then Learn Mask. Ask her about Mask, then Learn Ekmet Teloess and Ask her about Ekmet Teloess.
  • Speak to Gordon and Ask him about Mysidia, then learn Ultima Tome from him. Go to Fynn.

Get the White Mask from Castle Fynn Basement

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  • Go to Fynn and Ask Paul about Ekmet Teloess. Return to the throne room in Castle Fynn, then interact with the wall to the northeast. Ask it about Ekmet Teloess to open a hidden pathway.
  • Go down to the Castle Fynn Basement and get the White Mask. Leave Fynn and board your Ship.
  • Sail to the town of Mysidia and go inside the house in the southwest. Interact with the bookshelf and Ask it about the Mask and the Ultima Tome, then exit and go down the stairs to the east. Follow the path, then show the Statue the White Mask. Leave Mysidia.

Get the Black Mask from the Tropical Island

  • Board your Ship and sail to the Tropical Island in the south. Enter the cave.
  • Fight the four Big Horns at the end of the dungeon to get the Black Mask. They’re easy to defeat with just physical attacks.
  • Leave Tropical Island and return to Mysidia.

Obtain the Crystal Rod from the Cave of Mysidia

  • Head southeast of Mysidia to find the Cave of Mysidia.
  • You’ll come across a Doppelganger on the first floor. Use the Black Mask on it.
  • Journey through to the end of the dungeon where you’ll find three chests. Open them to find the Crystal Rod. Leave to the overworld.

Clear the Leviathan and Mysidian Tower

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  • Go west of Altair where your Ship will be sucked into a whirlpool and into the Leviathan.
  • Talk to Ricard on the second floor and show him the Crystal Rod. He’ll join your party.
  • Fight the Roundworm with physical attacks, then leave the Leviathan on the Ship.
  • Sail to Mysidian Tower and enter. Interact with the wizard on the third floor to fight the Fire Gigas. Use Blizzard to take it out.
  • Interact with the wizard on the fifth floor, and you’ll be thrown into a fight with the Ice Gigas. Use Fire attacks on it.
  • Interact with the wizard on the seventh floor to fight the Thunder Gigas. Defeat it with Scourge.
  • Journey to the top of the tower, watch the cutscene, then leave by standing on the warp pad.

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Complete the Cyclone and recruit Leon

  • Go to Castle Fynn and speak to Gordon. Learn Cyclone from him.
  • Leave the room and go to room with the mirror on the third floor. Interact with the mirror to get the Pendant.
  • Exit Fynn and walk north into the Cyclone.
  • Defeat The Emperor with your hardest-hitting attacks, and don’t forget to heal!
  • Speak to Hilda and Learn Palamecia from her, then talk to Cid in Fynn.
  • Go to Poft and board the Airship.
  • Travel to Castle Palamecia, then speak to Leon on the throne. You’ll be transported back to Castle Fynn, and he’ll join your party.
  • Speak to Hilda and Learn Jade Passage.

Get the Excalibur sword

  • Go to Castle Deist and speak to the boy’s mother.
  • Ask her about Dragons and she’ll give you the best sword in the game: Excalibur. I was so excited to get this; I obtained it in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster, which was excellent. It’s not changed in FF2!

Clear the Jade Passage and Pandaemonium

  • With Excalibur in hand, go to Jade Passage, south of Altair.
  • Make your way to the end of the dungeon and step on the warp pad to enter Pandaemonium.
  • Travel through the last dungeon of the game until you reach the 10th floor. Make sure you’re prepared for battle!
  • Speak to The Emperor here to fight him. He has no weaknesses or resistances so it’s a battle of attrition. Like the other fights in the game, make sure you heal whenever you take damage, even if it means wasting a turn. I was careful and healed up constantly, and it’s what pulled me through.
  • With The Emperor defeated, Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster is complete! GG!

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