Gakuen The Idolmaster launches on May 16 in Japan

Gakuen the idol master will be released for iOS via App Store and Android via Google Play on May 16 in Japan, Bandai Namco Announced.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its store pages:


A new school idol training simulation game appears with the latest completely new entry in The idol master series. It shines while producing idol cadets with various charms and problems!


The game takes place at the Hatsuboshi Gakuen idol training school, where you are a new student in the production department. Explore the unique idol candidates in the idol department, each hoping to achieve their dreams, and help highlight their charms through production as they grow into full-fledged idols.

Get Better at Singing and Dancing – A Next Generation Idol Training Simulation

As you start producing idols, their singing and dancing skills will still have a long way to go. Grow your skills through your production and aim to pass the exams! In the concert settings that take place after exams, their performance on stage will change as they grow up. Produce and repeat with the goal of performing at sold-out stadiums!

Growth as an idol leads to growth as a person

As you produce, individual stories will develop between you and the idols, revealing their flaws as idols, the problems they keep hidden… As a producer, get closer to the idols, deepen your bonds and aim to become a top idol! together!


  • Stage equipment: Tsukasa Fushimi, Yu Shimizu / Kazuki Amamiya
  • Character drafts : Aki Minamino / Hechima
  • Composers: Yuta Azuma, Shu Kanematsu, Giga, Takafumi Sato, Tabuchi tomoya, NayutalieN, Hakushi Hasegawa, HoneyWorks, Sasuke Haraguchi, Minami, Moe Shop, Shou Watanabe and more…
  • Music label: ASOBINOTES

Watch the opening animation below.

Opening animation

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