Genshin Impression finest Yaoyao construct information – Weapons, Artifacts, & extra!


As a polearm consumer, Yaoyao’s addition to the Genshin Impression character roster signifies that the shortest characters of all have grow to be a whole set. Each weapon accessible within the sport has a tiny little one to wield it. Yaoyao, nonetheless, will not be recognized for her assault harm, however for the therapeutic and help function she will play in lots of new Dendro groups.

Yaoyao’s playstyle in Genshin Impression

Yaoyao’s package revolves round her little companion: Yuegui. Each her Elemental Ability and Elemental Burst throw the system onto the sphere, which is able to subsequently throw out White Jade Radishes. These projectiles can both deal harm to enemies or heal teammates inside a restricted AoE. Yaoyao’s therapeutic talents scale together with her Max HP, so this stat needs to be optimized for optimum impact. One vital factor to notice is that whereas her Elemental Ability can be utilized for off-field therapeutic and Dendro software, her Elemental Burst requires Yaoyao to remain on-field. This may should be accounted for when you plan to incorporate her Elemental Burst in rotations.

Finest Weapons for Yaoyao in Genshin Impression

Yaoyao will use help polearms, such because the Favonius Lance and the Kitain Cross Spear. The Kitain Cross spear specifically is a good selection for her, because it is not going to solely assist with Vitality Regeneration, however its Elemental Mastery secondary stat is a pleasant increase to the harm of elemental reactions Yaoyao could set off. If you wish to solely give attention to therapeutic, utilizing the three-star weapon Black Tassel is a superbly viable possibility due to its HP% secondary stat.

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Finest Artifacts for Yaoyao in Genshin Impression

Yaoyao is pretty versatile together with her artifact combos. She will be able to use virtually any 4 piece or any two and two combos of the next artifact units: Deepwood Reminiscences, Maiden Beloved, or Tenacity of the Millelith. Take into account that just one member per crew ought to use the 4 piece Deepwood Reminiscences set, because the 4 piece bonus Dendro Resistance Shred bonus is not going to stack. As a result of you could have quite a lot of artifact set choices, discovering items with a lot of HP%, EM, or a Circlet with a Therapeutic Bonus fundamental stat should not be an issue.

Finest Teammates for Yaoyao in Genshin Impression

Yaoyao can have all kinds of groups she will help, however primarily she’ll be present in groups that use the Quicken response. Pair her with both a Dendro Foremost DPS, similar to Tighnari or Alhaitham, or Electro DPS characters, similar to Keqing or Cyno. Whereas she can be utilized in bloom groups as effectively, Hydro characters additionally are likely to have an affinity for therapeutic, so her usefulness could also be extra restricted there.

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