Hades II now available in early access

Divine sequel to the roguelike dungeon crawler Hades II is now available in early access for PC via Steam and epic games store for $29.99, developer Supergiant Games announced.

The early access version of Hades II already has more environments, enemies, and fully voiced characters than the full version of the original hellbut it is not complete and is missing areas, characters, enemies, narrative events and key systems.

Over the course of Early Access, Supergiant Games will release a major update every few months with new features and content, followed shortly after by patches to fix any issues that arise. The first major update will come out later this year.

While Supergiant Games doesn’t have a specific end date for Early Access, expect Hades II remain in early access at least until the end of 2024.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its store pages:


Supergiant Games’ first sequel builds on the best aspects of the original god-like roguelike dungeon crawler into an all-new, action-packed, infinitely replayable experience rooted in the underworld of Greek myth and its deep connections to the dawn of witchcraft

Key Features

  • Battle beyond the underworld – As the immortal princess of the underworld, you will explore a larger and deeper mythical world, defeating the forces of the Titan of Time with all the power of Olympus behind you, in a sprawling story that continually unfolds through each of your setbacks and achievements. .
  • Master of witchcraft and dark sorcery – Infuse ancient magic into your legendary weapons of the Night, so no one will stand in your way. Become even stronger with powerful blessings from more than a dozen Olympian gods, from Apollo to Zeus. There are almost unlimited ways to develop your skills.
  • Mix with (more) gods, ghosts and monsters – Meet a cast of dozens of huge, fully voiced characters, including many new faces and some old friends. Get closer to them through a variety of new interactions and experience countless unique story events based on how your journey unfolds.
  • Each race is its own adventure – New locations, challenges, upgrade systems and surprises await you as you delve into the ever-changing Underworld again and again. Reveal the mysteries of the Arcane Altar, tame warlock familiars, and gather reagents using Tools of the Unseen to get closer to your goal.
  • The advantages of immortality – Thanks to a variety of permanent updates and the return of God Mode, you don’t have to be a god to experience what Hades II has to offer. But if you are one of them, you will be able to face increasing challenges to obtain greater rewards and prove how divine you really are.
  • Signature supergiant style – Rich, atmospheric presentation and storytelling fused with responsive action is the hallmark of Supergiant titles. Vivid new hand-painted environments, even more fluid real-time 3D characters, and electrifying original music make this mythical world burst with life.

Built for early access

The original hell was designed for early access from the ground up, and the same goes for Hades II. Player feedback will help shape a series of major updates that introduce new features, characters, environments, and more as the game nears completion.

Watch a new trailer below.

Early Access Showcase Trailer

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