Hogwarts Legacy Arachnophobia mode – How to enable


I was never afraid of spiders, as I’m more of an anti-cockroach person. I don’t like them in any shape or form so I can relate to people with similar thoughts about arthropods. That’s why I commend developers for implementing Arachnophobia mode in Hogwarts Legacy. Now everyone can enjoy the game without being frightened by spiders.

Hogwarts Legacy Arachnophobia mode – How to enable

Follow these instructions to enable Arachnophobia mode in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Open the menu.
  • Head to Accessibility options
  • Scroll down until you find the Arachnophobia mode toggle.
  • Switch it on to activate the mode.

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By activating Arachnophobia mode, you’ll change enemy spider appearances. Afterward, they’ll look like red fiends with – roller skates?!? Now spiders look less scary and ready for the disco. But the look of giant spider enemies in Hogwarts Legacy is just one of the multiple changes. The mode also removes scary sounds that can also be frightening. Developers have also tried to remove any unnecessary things that refer to spiders. Hence, static spider corpses are invisible, while small spider ground effect spawners are removed.

Remember that collision is still possible as these enemies are not removed from the game but are redesigned and/or invisible. While that pretty much resolves the arachnophobia problem in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll still see spiders in the Field Guide. But that’s not a big problem when you know that all those spiders are now roller skate fans.

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