Hogwarts Legacy Number Doors – How to solve & open them


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I knew my math skills from school would come in handy one day. I just didn’t expect I would be using this knowledge in a school of magic. By combining those powers, I solved and opened Number Doors in Hogwarts Legacy. I was confused by these doors when I first encountered them, but it became second nature once I understood what the symbols meant. Here’s how you can do it too!

Hogwarts Legacy Number Doors puzzles are doors all over Hogwarts with strange symbols on the archway surrounding these doors. These symbols are the key to unlocking and obtaining the goodies within by matching the correct symbol to the spinning tiles near the door. Essentially, these are Arithmancy Doors that require little maths and imagination to open.

How to solve door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

You must first know what each symbol means to solve and open the Number Door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. I’ll start from the bottom left, then follow the arch to the bottom right.


How to open Number Doors in Hogwarts Legacy

To open Number Doors in Hogwarts Legacy, focus on what’s on the door itself. Use Revelio to make the puzzle appear on the front of the door. Here you will be shown two different triangles and three circles which are part of each triangle, with a number in the middle. Some circles contain symbols, others numbers, and some will be ? and ??. Essentially, those three circles need to equal the number in the middle. The puzzle is finding out what the ? and ?? are.

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We’ll use this image as an example of how to open these Number Doors.

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Starting with the top triangle, I need those three circles to add up to nine – I have a two, a Hydra, and a ? Take away two from nine, and I am left with seven, so I need to find seven from two symbols.

The top circle is a Hydra, so referring to the list up above, the Hydra=three. Take three away from seven, and I am left with four, which means the ? symbol is equal to four. Once again, take a look at the list above to see four=Demiguise. Now find the spinner tile with the ? on it, and change it to the Demiguise image.

Onto the bottom triangle, which is slightly different, as there are no symbols. I have a zero, a one, and a ?? that must equal four. Zero + one = one, so I need a three. Take a look at the list, and three=Hydra. Spin the ?? tile to the Hydra image to finish the puzzle and unlock the door. And now you know how to solve door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy!

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