Honkai Star Rail Best Asta Build – Light Cones, Relics, & More!


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While she was nerfed from beta tests to the final game, Honkai: Star Rail’s Asta remains a top tier unit because you can build her in multiple ways, to support a Fire team or to exploit a mechanic unique to the game called Break Effect. Not sure how to do that, or even what it is? Don’t worry, I can help you out. Here’s the best Light Cones, Relics, and Teammates to use with Asta to make her shine like a star!

Best Light Cone for Dan Heng in Honkai Star Rail

In an ideal world, you’d be able to give Asta the best Five-Star, Harmony Light Cone, But the Battle Isn’t Over. It’s a Light Cone designed for Bronya, but it works exceptionally well on any Harmony Character. To obtain it, you’ll need to keep warping in the Gacha System and hoping for the best. Once you’ve gathered 600 Undying Starlight from Warps, you can also purchase one copy of this Light Cone from the Store.

Best free-to-play Light Cone for Asta

There are two four-star light cones that work very well for Asta, depending on how you want to build her. If you want her to exploit Break Effect in boss battles, use the Memories of the Past Light Cone. Long term, we think she is going to be best slotted as a Buffer in Mono-Fire Team comps. For this role, use the Planetary Rendezvous Light Cone.

If you don’t have any of these Light Cones, and you need a Three-Star option to use, try Meshing Cogs to get you by.

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Best Relic sets for Asta in Honkai Star Rail

No matter how you decide to build Asta, we think the best Relic Set to use for her is the Thief of Shooting Meteor set. It boosts both Break Effect and Energy Regeneration, which Asta appreciates in any build. You can find it in the Path of Jabbing Punch Cavern of Corrosion.

The Planar Ornaments you decide to give her can vary depending on the build. If you want her to deal damage, use the Talia: Kingdom of Banditry set. If you want her to focus more on support, you can use the Sprightly Vonwacq set.

Which of Asta’s Stats should you boost?

The Main Stats you emphasize with Asta’s Relics don’t actually vary all that much by her build. The Main difference is the Link Rope you choose to use. Use Break Effect to boost Asta’s damage, or use Energy Regen Rate in a support build.

  • Feet: Speed
  • Body: Attack%
  • Sphere: Fire Damage
  • Rope: Break Effect or Energy Regen Rate

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Asta’s Path and Element in Honkai Star Rail

Asta is a Fire Element Character who follows the Path of Harmony. No matter how you decide to build her, you’ll find her to be a powerful jack-of-all trades. She can almost carry an entire battle with enemies weak to Fire, but as you build other Fire characters, you’ll really find how much more value she can provide in a mono-element team.

Who pairs well with Asta in Combat?

If it wasn’t abundantly clear, Asta does very well with other Fire units, like the Fire Trailblazer, Himeko, or Hook. Because she also boosts speed, she can be used to support other off element characters who are slow, like Gepard. Since characters how follow the path of The Hunt appreciate extra speed, she’s also great with characters like Dan Heng, Sushang, or Seele.

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