Honkai Star Rail—Best builds for March 7th, Light Cones, Relics, and More!

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The cutest member of the Astral Express, March 7th, is a surprisingly powerful character for being one of the first you receive for free in Honkai: Star Rail. She even has some longevity built into her kit, as she can be built more than one way. Here’s our best recommendations for the Light Cones, Relics, and Teammates you should use for her in Honkai: Star Rail.

Best Light Cone for March 7th in Honkai Star Rail

The absolute best Light Cone for March 7th is the Moment of Victory Light Cone. It is the Signature Light Cone for Gepard, but as they share similar roles, it works very well for March 7th, too. This Light Cone can be obtained by pulling it from the Standard Warp Banner, or it can be purchased from the Starlight Exchange for 600 Undying Starlight.

This is Me! is a four-star Light Cone option that also works well for March 7th, but keep in mind that it is a Light Cone tied to Nameless Glory and will require a purchase to obtain.

Best free-to-play Light Cone for March 7th in Honkai Star Rail

The Amber Three-Star Light Cone works fairly well for March 7th in the early part of the game and can carry her as a shielder for a while due to its large defense percent boost. If you want to upgrade from that, Day One of My New Life is a four-star Light Cone you should eventually pull passively from the Gacha system with free currency that synergizes with March’s kit well.

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Best Relic sets for March 7th in Honkai Star Rail

The Relics you’ll choose for March 7th depend on what role you want her to fill. At first you’ll probably want her to function as a shield and sustain unit, in which case we recommend the Knight of Purity Palace Set. Later on, if you have Gepard of other better shielders, she can instead be built as more of a Sub DPS and Freeze enabler, in which case we recommend the Hunter of Glacial Frost set.

For her Planar Ornaments, in the first defensive build, you should use the Belobog of the Architects set. This set can also work for a Sub DPS build, but the Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise set would likely work better.

Which of March 7th’s Stats you should boost

If you are using March as a shielder, you’ll need to prioritize her Defense stat. So, you’d use Defense% for the Main Stat on the Body and Feet piece, as well as the Planar Sphere and Link Rope.

If you choose to later build her as an offensive character, try subbing out these Relics for others that have the following Main Stats: Effect Hit Rate on the Body piece, Attack% on the Feet, Ice Damage on the Planar Sphere, and Energy Regen Rate on the Link Rope.

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March 7ths Path and Element in Honkai Star Rail

March 7th is an Ice Element Character that follows the Preservation Path. She can both shield the team via her Skill, as well as effectively Freeze and launch an AoE arrow shower via her Ultimate. She also has a handy follow-up attack via her Talent that activates whenever any shielded character is attacked.

Who pairs well with March 7th in Combat?

While March 7th can be replaced by Gepard as a shielder, she also synergizes very well with him if she is built as a Sub-DPS. Because her shield taunts attacks toward the character that it shields, she also works incredibly well with Clara, who needs to be attacked by the enemy to deal the most damage.

Other than those two particular instances, Honkai: Star Rail seems to want teams to be Dual on Mono-Element teams. As a Shielder or a Sub DPS, she’ll support other Ice DPS characters, like Herta or Yanqing, long into the later game.

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