Honkai Star Rail Best Fire Trailblazer Build – Light Cones, Relics, & More!


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Unlike Genshin Impact, the Main Character of Honkai Star Rail, is actually quite usable, maybe even overpowered for a free character, in certain scenarios. This is particularly true for the Fire version of the Trailblazer, who follows the Path of Preservation. You’ll unlock them after completing the majority of the Main story on Jarilo-VI. This is how I recommend that you build them, including what Light Cones, Relics and Teammates you can use for them.

Best Light Cones for the Fire Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail

While the Fire Trailblazer has a unique Five-Star Light Cone designed for them that you can pick up from Herta’s Simulated Universe Store called Texture of Memories, at the moment it doesn’t appear to actually be the best Light Cone to use for them. The other contender is Moment of Victory, the Five-Star Light Cone designed for Gepard. It is harder to obtain, but the overall boosts to Defense, Effect Hit Rate, and additional Taunt are all things that the Fire Trailblazer wants in their kit, as opposed to the effect of Texture of Memories.

Best free-to-play Light Cone for the Fire Trailblazer

If you don’t want to go for either of the Five-Star Light Cones, Landau’s Choice or Trend of the Universal Market are great Four-Star Light Cones that you may passively pull from the Gacha that exploit the Trailblazers desire to be attacked. The Three-Star Light Cone, Amber, stacks a heck of a lot of Defense, and can be a great option while you build up something better for them.

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Best Relic Sets for the Fire Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail

There are two viable Relic Sets for the Fire Trailblazer: Knight of Purity Palace and Guard of Wuthering Snow. the later option is better for running the Fire Trailblazer in a team without a healer. But in my opinion, the first option is still slightly better, because it fully synergizes with the Trailblazer’s kit.

The best Planar Ornaments set is unquestionably the Belobog of the Architects set. This set can easily boost both the Trailblazer’s Defense, and rewards you further for boosting their effect hit hate, to take advantage of the Burn Effect.

What stats to boost on the Fire Trailblazer

The Fire Trailblazer needs lots of defense and speed to continue to taunt away damage and create shields. Building defense will also boost the damage of the Fire Trailblazer’s AoE Ultimate attack. Here are my recommendations for Main Stats to focus on for your Relics:

  • Feet: Speed or Defense%
  • Body: Defense% or Effect Hit Rate
  • Sphere: Defense% or Fire Damage
  • Rope: Defense%

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Fire Trailblazer’s Element and Path in Honkai Star Rail

As I note above, this version of the Trailblazer follows the Path of Preservation and uses the Fire Element in combat. Because they are only one out of three characters that follow this path, they are usable in a fair amount of teams, even if the enemies do not have a weakness to Fire.

Best Teammates for the Fire Trailblazer

Oddly enough, one of the Fire Trailblazer’s best teammates is the other free Preservation Character, March 7th. She can add more Taunt and an additional Shield to the Trailblazer, while also cleansing de-buffs if necessary if you have unlocked her Basic ability, Purify.

Other than March, the Fire Trailblazer will excel when paired with other Fire characters, such as Himeko, Asta, and Hook. Teams that feature two or three Fire characters do exceptionally well in harder content like Echoes of War or Simulated Universe, World Four.

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