Honkai Star Rail Best Tingyun Build – Light Cones, Relics, & More!

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Tingyun is a four-star character that dominates many Honkai: Star Rail tier lists we know—and for good reason. She’s a great buffer that deals passive damage on the side. In certain battles, she’s even better than Bronya, THE Star Rail buffer everyone’s been trying to get. If you’re lucky enough to pull Tingyun (and you are, trust me) here’s how to build her.

Best Light Cone for Tingyun in Honkai Star Rail

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If you don’t have Bronya but managed to pull for her Light Cone like me, give that to Tingyun. But the Battle Isn’t Over will increase Tingyun’s energy regeneration rate plus add skill points every time she uses her Ultimate. And with her base speed (and her skill that boost speed), this is going to happen pretty often.

Tingyun’s Light Cone, Past and Future, isn’t a bad choice, of course. It’s just not as good as But the Battle Isn’t Over. Past and Future buff your next ally’s ATK whenever Tingyun uses her skill.

Best free-to-play Light Cone for Tingyun

If you have none of the above Light Cones, Meshing Cogs is a good temporary one to have. When Tingyun attacks (or gets hit), the Light Cone regenerates her energy. She can use Ults more often this way, which is good news since it’s an integral part of her gameplay.

Best Relics for Tingyun in Honkai Star Rail

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The best way to build Tingyun is to focus on ATK. Her ATK stat is what determines the potency of the buffs she gives, so just throw all your ATK% Relics to her. Musketeer of Wild Wheat and Space Sealing Station are the sets you’re looking at.

Which of Tingyun’s stats should you boost?

As mentioned, focus on boosting Tingyun’s ATK for the most. However, on Tingyun’s feet, we like placing a Relic with Speed as its main stat. We absolutely want her to gain more turns to fully utilize her skills.

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Tingyun’s Path and Element in Honkai Star Rail

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Tingyun is a Lightning hero of the Harmony Path, similar to Asta. Trailblazers of the Harmony Path focuses on providing buffs for the team. Tingyun’s gameplay is heavily focused on ATK-boosting.

Who pairs well with Tingyun in combat?

Tingyun works well with characters that have high ATK, like Himeko and Dan Heng, as it’s their ATK stat (not Tingyun’s) that determines the damage her Benediction passive can deal. If the opponent is weak to Lightning, she and Serval will destroy them pretty quickly.   

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