Honkai Star Rail Hook Quest Guide (Old Foreman’s Treasure)

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As you play along through Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll find yourself invited via text to participate in Companion Missions that provide slice of life looks into the lives of the characters you can bring with you to battle. Hook, from Belobog’s underground, has a quest in which she needs some help to protect her father, and recover a device that was stolen from him. Here’s how to complete Old Foreman’s Treasure in Honkai: Star Rail.

Old Foreman’s Treasure Companion Mission Guide for Honkai Star Rail

You’ll need to wait until you receive a text from Julian, a member of The Moles, to start this quest. Once you do, follow the purple star to Julian’s location in Boulder Town. He’ll tell you that Hook, The Mole’s leader is in trouble in the mines.

Follow the purple star again in the Great Mine to find Hook with her Father. They are arguing with some vagrants who need to be taught a lesson. Fight the vagrants, then insist that Hook’s father, Fersman, go back to the clinic to recover.

You’ll then need to find Fersman in the Clinic by taking to Natasha. Fersman remains upset that he’s lost his vein detector, but, thanks to selling some information, at least he has enough money to take care of his daughter. That vein detector was actually stolen.

Hook wants to find it, so go talk to her outside the clinic, you’ll then be prompted to find her back in the great mine again. Talk to the lead miner there, Swetta, who asks you to interview four people to find out who stole the detector: a Cook, a Tailor, a Helper, and a Merchant. Only the thief will be lying.

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Who stole Fersman’s Vein detector in Honkai Star Rail?

After talking to all four suspects, return to Swetta. The Cook said the Helper did it, the Tailor said it wasn’t her, the Merchant said it was the Cook, and the Helper said it wasn’t him. The Cook is the culprit. It is the only solution in which only one of suspects would be lying.

I wanted to test and see what would happen if I chose the wrong answer, so I accused the Helper. The game let me progress through the quest anyway, without consequences, even though I’d answered incorrectly.

You’ll be asked next to look among some crates in the Great Mine. Investigate three crates, before finally deducing Sampo might be able to help you track down this thief.

Go and find Sampo using the purple star. He’s talking to the Cook who is trying to sell the vein detector to Sampo. When you confront him, he’ll initiate a fight. After defeating the Vagrant and his robots, he’ll run away, but leave the detector. It’s unfortunately broken. Sampo suggests the name of an appraiser, Balaway the Miner’s Lamp, in Boulder town who may be able to help.

You can find Balaway nearby the Belobog World Shop. Unfortunately, when you talk to him about it, he’ll explain that there is no way to fix it.

Return to Fersman, who explains that he doesn’t care all that much about the device. He’s glad you kept his daughter, his greatest treasure safe. How touching! After speaking to Fersman that will be the end of this quest.

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