Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4 Guide – How to Beat Svarog

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HoYoverse heard the complaints of Genshin Impact players eager for repeatable endgame content. But, instead of making the Labyrinth Warrior event permanent in Genshin, they decided to include a roguelike endgame mode in their next game, Honkai: Star Rail.

Are you enjoying the Simulated Universe? Not quite sure how to tackle World 4? Here’s a comprehensive guide for completing it, including how to defeat the final boss, Svarog.

Who to bring in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4

When you are selecting your Team to take into the Simulated Universe, World 4, the game will recommend that you bring Fire, Lightening and Wind characters. It will also let you know that your characters should be leveled to at least Level 50 to challenge the least difficult version. Don’t think just because you characters are Level 50, you’ll be ready to go. The rarity doesn’t matter as much, but if you don’t have Level 50 Light Cones ready to go, you won’t be ready for this challenge yet either.

I was lucky enough to draw Bailu as my first five star character, so I slotted her in as my healer for the Team. Natasha can do just as well, even though she uses the Physical Element. for the rest of the team I tried to cover all three element bases, bringing Dan Heng, Asta, and Serval.

What Path and blessings should you choose for Simulated Universe World 4

We recommend following the Path of The Hunt or The Destruction in Simulated Universe World 4. Both paths will allow you to capitalize on an AoE Wind or Fire attack via their Path Resonance abilities after collecting three blessings of either path. Svarog is weak to both of these elements, so they will be more effective in this world. As I highly recommend bringing Dan Heng in World 4, I would lean more toward the Path of the Hunt over the Destruction, whose blessings synergize with his kit better.

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How to defeat Svarog in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4

The first two phases of the battle should be pretty uneventful. Serval will blast away most of the robot enemies that Svarog calls out. It is the final phase of the fight that Svarog will bring ‘getting handsy’ to a whole new level. Here’s our best tips for the fight:

  • Do not use Auto battle. Auto battle may prioritize the wrong targets.
  • When Svarog does calls out the Direwolfs, prioritize them. Defeating them quickly will allow you to move on to taking down Svarog quickly, launching you into the final phase.
  • When Svarog calls out the first Auxiliary Robot Arm Unit, it will instantly grab and immobilize a character. Set your characters free whenever possible! You’ll need to inflict Weakness Break on the hands to do this. Dan Heng is your best bet to do so, but he may also be the imprisoned character.

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