Honkai Star Rail Trial of the Equilibrium, Part One Guide


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As you progress through Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll be given tests via the Trail of Equilibrium to see if your characters are strong enough to to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. Each time you conquer an Equilibrium Trial, your Equilibrium Level will raise, and so will the Level of the Enemies you encounter in the world. Stuck on the first Trial? Don’t worry, we can help. Here is a guide to get you through Trail of the Equilibrium, Part One in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to beat Trial of the Equilibrium, Part One in Honkai Star Rail

Trail of the Equilibrium, Part One will only unlock once you’ve reached Trailblaze Level 20. You will not be able to raise your Trailblaze Level further until you’ve beaten this trial. You’ll need to go western portion of the lower level of the Robot Settlement on Jarilo-VI, then interact with the Trial Gate to start the challenge.

Even if you think that you can beat this trail, we highly recommend that you wait until you have eight characters at the maximum level they can be raised to. If you beat the challenge too soon, the level of all enemies around the world will raise. You may have a difficult time facing those enemies if you don’t have enough characters of a variety of elements to face them with.

You’ll choose one team to tackle two fights. The first will be against two Everwinter Shadewalkers and an Ice Out of Space. The second will be against a Searing Prowler and two Incineration Shadewalkers. All enemies will be at level 29, so make sure you have a team full of Level 30 characters.

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Best Team Comps for Trial of the Equilibrium, Part One

The game makes no recommendations on Elements to use, and the bosses weaknesses vary widely. You’ll be taking some hits, so, no matter what, make sure you bring at least one character that can either shield or heal to sustain the teams during the fights. Here is the four-star team comp we used to beat this fight:

  • Natasha, Asta, Serval, Dan Heng

To manage your Skill points, only have your primary attackers that can inflict Weakness Break a boss use their Skills during a fight. Asta and Dan Heng were our Primary attackers using Skill Points in the fight against the Ice Out of Space, while Serval became the point DPS for the Searing Prowler fight. Try to save Natasha’s Ultimate for when you need it most to heal the team. She should only use her Skill in a pinch.

If you manage your skill points well, and keep an eye on your HP, you should be able to tackle this challenge just fine.

You’ll unlock Crimson Calyxes after defeating this Trial in Honkai Star Rail. Want to know more about them? Check out Honkai Star Rail Crimson Calyx Guides, All Locations, Team Comps, and more! here at Pro Game Guides.


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