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When you venture into Starfield, you will face many dangers like pirates or evil robots. But nothing can even come close to the ultimate threat – game-breaking bugs. While in some cases, you can only wait for an update, in most cases, there are solutions. As for the Into the Unknown quest bug, there is a possible solution. Here’s the quick fix I came up with.

Best solutions for Into the Unknown main quest bug – Starfield

I’ve encountered the Into the Unknown quest bug when I tried to the guest on Procyon III. While the error seems to need a Starfield update, several workarounds exist. Here are the best solutions for the Into the Unknown main quest bug:

Fast travel to avoid Into the Unknown quest bug

While this bug can be game-breaking, you can solve it by rebooting the (star) system. In this case, just fast travel to anywhere outside the system and return. This should do the trick, and the signal landing marker should be visible. But if this is too much work for you, there are more options you can try.

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Load a previous save position

Nothing beats the old-school reload under one condition. To avoid the Into the Unknown bug, reload the position before you start this quest. I know that sounds too much, so try to travel fast solution first as loading and playing everything all over again takes time.

Wait for a Starfield update

If you can’t fix the Into the Unknown quest bug in Starfield, the only other solution is to wait for an update. It may take some time, but luckily, there are many things to do in Starfield, like visiting Neon City or even taking a field trip to Earth.

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