How is Ghost of Tsushima doing in the Steam deck? | New game today

Ghost of Tsushima, specifically the Director’s Cut, is out today on PC. It’s a fantastic game that should be welcomed with open arms as it makes its way to a new platform, but we’re particularly curious to see how it fares on the Steam deck. The game has not been primarily Steam Deck reviewed as certain features are not supported on Valve’s handheld or other comparable mobile PC game platforms. However, the offline content (single-player campaign and expansion) is set to play particularly well on the Steam deck. You can read Port Studio Nixcess software description here. And spending some time with the game shows that the single-player campaign plays well on the Steam deck. It’s not without its flaws – a high-end PC or PlayStation 5 is still the best way to play the game – but the Steam Deck is the best way to play the game if it’s your only option or if you want a portable version.

You can check out some gameplay with commentary from me and Wesley LeBlanc below.

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