How many players get/hatch Titanics in Pet Simulator X?

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While it may seem that Titanic hatching is happening at an alarming rate after the latest update to Pet Simulator X, it’s actually due to a change made in the patch. While it would be great if more players could get their hands on these extremely rare pets, unfortunately nothing has changed in terms of hatching!

In the recent Lucky Block World update for Pet Simulator X, a change has been made that now alerts globally anytime a Titanic Pet is hatched in the game. This means that if a player is able to obtain a Titanic pet from an egg on any server, it will be announced in the chat on all servers. Unfortunately, no increase in titanics rates has been made, it is now being advertised everywhere.

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A lot of changes have been made in this update, including a new trading platform that allows you to search for trading servers with specific pets. You can also head to Lucky Block World and break open Lucky Blocks to get specific currency that can be used to hatch Lucky Eggs!

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