The first objective of most weekly BitLife challenges is to be born in one or other states of the USA. While the task may be easy for players from the USA, it is a confusing and complicated objective for other players around the globe, as most of them won’t be familiar with the geography of America, preventing them from even starting the challenge. 

On that note, the latest Scarytale Romance challenge demands you to create a female character out of Colorado. By default, BitLife does not allow players to pick a state as a birthplace. So, you must select any city inside that state, like Denver, to finish the objective.  

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How to create a character out of Colorado in BitLife

Open BitLife on your respective platforms and press on the three-striped icons on the top-left of the screen. Click on New Life and start making your character for the Scarytale Romance challenge.

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Firstly, assign the female gender to your character and give an appropriate name for your avatar. For country, select The United States and pick Denver as your birthplace. Remember, Denver is the only city available in the birthplace city list representing Colorado. I know South Park would be a much cooler option, but unfortunately, it’s not available. So, stop looking for an alternative and pick Denver. After customizing everything, hit the Start Life button to complete the first objective of the challenge. Now, it’s time to concentrate on the rest of the tasks, like becoming a Psychiatrist or poisoning your spouse.

What country is Colorado in?

As mentioned earlier, Colorado is a state within The United States of America, with the beautiful city of Denver as its capital.

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