How to beat Marbled Gohma in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Long time Zelda fans will be happy to see Gohma make a return in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. While this boss is typically found inside a tree or a cave, this time, Gohma has become Marbled Gohma due to the heat of the Fire Temple. Although this is a grand return of a classic boss, the actual fight against Gohma shouldn’t take too long, especially once players know what they’re doing.

Beating Marbled Gohma in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) Phase One

As is typical with Zelda bosses, there are two phases in the Tears of the Kingdom boss fight. In Phase One, Marbled Gohma will crawl around and either try to smash Link with one of his legs or toss three explosives at him. Both of these attacks are easy to dodge; just pick a direction and run.

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After dodging one of these attacks, it’s up to Link to charge Yunobo at one of Marbled Gohma’s legs. This will cause the creature to collapse, giving Link an opportunity to whack at its very exposed eyeball.

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If Marbled Gohma collapses close enough to Link, he should be able to run up to him and strike with a powerful weapon. Otherwise, I found that Link can just fire arrows at the eye. I would recommend fusing some powerful monster parts with the arrows, though, since it took me a long time to bring the boss’ health down with just plain arrows.

Beating Marbled Gohma in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Phase Two

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After Marbled Gohma loses about half its health, it will transform into Phase Two. Here, Gohma will crawl along the ceiling and try surrounding Link with those explosive rocks. Fortunately, Link can just use Yunobo to blast right through these.

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Once players are free from the explosive rocks, they need to try to hit Gohma’s legs on the ceiling. This might be the trickiest part of the fight, but the game can be a little forgiving in this regard. I even tried shooting Yunobo behind me a couple times so that he can ramp up the side of the ceiling. This did result in hitting Gohma’s leg a couple of times.

Once Marbled Gohma is back on the ground, Link can whack at him again until its health is depleted. Altogether, this took me under ten minutes, so it shouldn’t take most players too long to complete.

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