The best way to breed Carillong in My Singing Monsters


A comparatively new addition to My Singing Monsters, Carillong is a seasonal monster dragon breed who seems across the time of the Crescendo Moon. They work along with their beloved Chimekeeper to welcome the brand new yr in tune and elegance. This is how one can get your very personal.

Breeding Carillong in My Singing Monsters

Carillong monsters solely seem across the time of the Crescendo Moon, which is an annual vacation that happens across the starting of the brand new yr. For 2023, this occasion begins on January 18 and ends on January 30.

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In the course of the time of the Crescendo Moon go to the Magical Sanctum. As soon as there, you will need to breed a Roarick and Mushaboom for an opportunity at getting a Carillong in simply over a day. If you find yourself lacking out on the Crescendo Moon occasion however nonetheless desire a Carillong, these cute monsters may be bred at any level of the yr within the Seasonal Shanty by combining a Yool with a Schmoochle. For both mixture, it isn’t a assure that you’re going to find yourself with a Carillong so relying in your private luck you would possibly must breed these combos a number of instances earlier than getting your required monster.

After you have a Carillong, you will be in good condition for shard manufacturing as Carillongs produce extra shards than virtually anybody else on the Magical Sanctum. If you wish to make your Carillong even happier and totally maximize their shard manufacturing, place a Fireplace Bush, Vacationers’ Signal, or Crescendo Moon Path close to them.

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