How to carry more Lockpicks and Rewire Kits in Redfall

You would expect plenty of chaos and gore in a Vampire Apocalypse, but stealth can be just as important when trying to survive and avoid risky situations. Sometimes sneaking around the back and lock-picking the back door is a better option than spraying and praying through the front entrance, especially if you’re going alone and not playing Multiplayer Co-Op mode. You’ll need plenty of lockpicks and rewire kits to get around and loot all the best items. Here’s how to stock up!

How to increase Lockpick and Rewire Kit capacity in Redfall

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Unfortunately, you can only carry three lockpicks and three rewire kits at a time. This means you will have to use them wisely when looting around town because they will run out quickly. If you’d like to stay better stocked up on lock-picking tools, then your best bet is to play Jacob.

Jacob is the only hero that can upgrade his Lockpick and Rewrite Kit capacity, allowing him to carry greater amounts of the tools at all times and not run out as quickly as the other heroes might. The Deeper Pockets skill only requires one Skill Point and can be upgraded right away as soon as you restore the Fire Station. Trust me; it’s a lifesaver.

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How to get more Lockpicks and Rewire Kits in Redfall

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Even if you aren’t playing Jacob, you can still try to stay stocked up on Lockpicks and Rewire Kits as much as possible by heading to the Lost and Found at the Fire Station and purchasing them with some support. Lockpicks are usually 1,250 a piece, and Rewite Kits are 1,500. Keep salvaging unneeded items to save up.

You can also find some lockpicks and rewire kits out and about when looting different locations in Redfall. Special locations with a higher chance of danger and bound to have more goodies for you to loot. These are some good places to check for these locking-picking necessities:

  • Island Crash Sites
  • Overton Theater
  • Cultist Bags
  • Garages

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