How to collect and extract Weapon Case in Warzone 2 DMZ


Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ allows players to explore various maps and complete various missions across the map. While contracts and faction missions are enough to keep you engaged, the ultimate task of collecting and extracting the Weapon Case in a match puts your skills to the test.

How to get the Al Mazrah Weapon Case

The location of the Weapon Case in Al Mazrah is marked with a yellow case icon on players’ maps. Previously, the case was with the Juggernaut commander, but now it’s either on the Cargo Train or with the Pyro commander.

How to get the Weapon Case from Cargo Train

If the Weapon Case appears on the Cargo Train, it’ll be inside a locked safe in the last coach. Start drilling the safe and stay in the last two coaches to keep the drill active. In the meantime, defend yourself from waves of AI helicopters and possibly enemy operators. Once the safe is cracked collect the Weapon Case and exfil from the map.

How to get the Weapon Case from Pyro Commander

The Pyro commander may appear at one of his three fixed spawns: Control Tower, Downtown Post Office, and US Embassy. If he’s carrying the Weapon Case, it’ll be highlighted on the map and you’ll need the building’s key to unlock it. Look for the required key in Buy Stations across the map, or simply use a Skeleton Key to unlock the building and take out the Pyro for the Weapon Case.

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How to get the Ashika Island Weapon Case

The Weapon Case in Ashika Island always spawns inside the Tsuki Castle Hideout with the Bombmaker commander. To get inside, you can disable and hack the Wheelson guarding the area to unlock the entrances to the building. I prefer using a Tsuki Castle Hideout Key to unlock the doors. Carefully make your way to the top floor, kill the Bombmaker boss, and grab the Weapon Case.

How to get the Building 21 Weapon Case

To get the Weapon Case in Building 21, you first need to hack the server in the Data Center on the first floor. To reach it, turn right from the B1 Stairwell, go further down the corridor, and turn right into the room shown in the third image. Hack the server to disable security locks and unlock the Armory Room on the third floor of Building 21.

You’ll spot the room as soon as you enter through the A3 Stairwell. Get inside, clear out the enemies, and start drilling the safe. Once the safe is open, grab the Weapon Case and extract via any active evacuation elevator in the facility.

How to get the Koschei Complex Weapon Case

The Weapon Case inside Koschei Complex requires more effort than the other ones. First of all, you need to enter Koschei Complex from any of the known entrances in Al Mazrah. After spawning in the bunker, carefully make your way to the Chemical Treatment Plant door and unlock it. Navigate to the center of the section and try to find the Factory Admin Key.

Use it to unlock the A1 or A2 doors in the west section of the Chemical Plant. This’ll lead you to the Factory Admin area and later to Factory Wing. Find and defeat the Rhinoceros and then the Sniper commanders. The Sniper will drop the Secure Room Key that you can use to unlock a highlighted door. Get the Weapon Case from that room and extract it as soon as possible.

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Every time you exfiltrate with the Weapon Case, you will receive various cosmetic rewards until you’ve unlocked the final reward. Here are all the rewards for the Weapon Case on different maps:

  • Al Mazrah
    1. Caution Tape weapon blueprint for RPK LMG
    2. Biohazard weapon sticker
    3. Jungle Incognito helicopter skin
    4. Gas Gas Gas weapon charm
    5. Weapon Crate calling card
    6. Weapon Crate emblem
    7. Biohazard operator skin for Konig
  • Ashika Island
    1. Backup Plan weapon blueprint for P890 Handgun
    2. Aces emblem
    3. Full House calling card
    4. Bear With Me weapon sticker
    5. Triple Threat loading screen
    6. Full House emblem
    7. Fight Night weapon blueprint for TAQ-56 AR
  • Building 21
    1. Going Bark weapon charm
    2. Weapon Rover calling card
    3. Roar weapon sticker
    4. Company Sniper emblem
    5. Camo Cloud helicopter skin
    6. Silver Tox weapon blueprint for Chimera AR
  • Koschei Complex
    1. The Queen loading screen
    2. Double Battle Pass XP Token
    3. Hunting Bug calling card
    4. Incubating emblem 
    5. Double Weapon XP Token
    6. LA-VX 330 weapon blueprint for LA-B 330 Sniper Rifle

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