How to complete Fools Gold In Dead Island 2


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Dead Island 2 is a first-person zombie basher game where you, the main protagonist and a survivor, find yourself amidst the chaos of the zombie apocalypse. Finding out that you’re immune to the virus, your main goal is to get out of Hell-A, formerly known as Los Angeles. But why would the end of the world stop you from completing side quests and getting a proper legendary weapon? The Lost and Found Quest has been proving troublesome for some players because it doesn’t tell you where to go; instead, you must follow the paper trail of journal clues. Let’s dive right in!

Fools Gold Walkthrough – Dead Island 2 Lost and Found Quest

To start the Lost and Found Quest in Dead Island 2, you must obtain the first piece of clue, the Totally Legit Letter. To find this clue, you must kill a named zombie called Dante. You can locate him at Lifeguard HQ. Once you pick up the letter from his corpse, a quest will start.

Where to find the Locker

To find the Locker containing the next clue:

  1. Go right to the gate opposite the Yellow van
  2. Go right two more times until you reach the Locker
  3. Open it, and you will get a journal called Deep Shit

It will give you two more clues and their locations.

  • The first clue location will be “near some ice cream by the wheel.”
  • The second clue location is located “frozen yogurt down the alley by the stores.”

Where to find the ice cream place by the Wheel

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You must head into the pier’s circus to find the ice cream place by the Wheel. The landmark you’ll be looking for is the Ferris Wheel on the pier Southeast of Pizza Venezia. Follow the blue railing to find Randy’s phone on a bench to the left of the fuse.

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Where to find Frozen Yogurt Alley

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To find the Frozen Yogurt Alley near the stores, head to the north of the map and the left of Luigi’s Pizzeria. You’ll find a frozen yogurt store. Go down the alley to the left of the store to find Dante’s phone.

Where to find the buried Safe

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To find the buried Safe, you must retrace your steps to the lifeguard HQ. Go behind it, where the red line is on the map, and the location will appear on your HUD. Get ready for a challenging fight because a zombie horde will attack you in a scripted event. You can loot the Safe when you beat them successfully and get Blood Rage, a Legendary Knife with awesome stats.

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